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Video zo zobúdzajúcej sa prírody vo Francúzsku, vysielanie z auta zaparkovaného pri jazere Lac de Lourdes. Zoznam robených staníc, zo slovenských sú tam OM3CFF, OM1ADM, OM3LO, OM3CAQ, OM3YCA, …

Hello FFF friends

The video of last FFF-196 is online:

Duration of the traffic: 06:00 am – 264 qso
As usual, pileup on 20m and 30m but less qrm on the other bands.
The 40m seemed closed either om was somewhere else.
Very nice FFF and always the pleasure to find knowledge.
I had the pleasant surprise to be called by UA0ABK, 6W2SC and K1BV.
In the pleasure to meet on the next FFF.

Best 73

Andre – f5ukl