3Y0J Bouvet

It is difficult to plan the logistics of such a huge project, such as DX expedition 3Y0J to Bouvet Island. After selling the originally intended vessel Braveheart the organizers considered canceling the expedition. However, radio amateurs do not give up so easily, and now the individual members of the new 3Y0J expedition are already on their way, and this is what it looks like, that after a long time amateur radio signals from Bouvet Island will be heard again.

3Y0J members of the expedition

Kenneth LA7GIA, Rune LA7THA, Erwann LB1QI, Gjermund LB5GI, Adrian KO8SCA, Caesar, VE3LYC, Otis, NP4G, Bill, KO7SS, Pete, N0FW, Axel, DL6KVA, Mike, AB5EB, Dave, WD5COV, Peter (FTx and crew member) and honorary members John Snuggerud LA1VC (SK) a Dr. Charles E. Brady Jr. N4BQW (SK)

3Y0J logo
3Y0J logo

3Y0J trip to Bouvet Island

Tomorrow, 11. members of the expedition depart from Brize Norton on an RAF military flight to Port Stanley, where they will arrive 12. January evening. The next two days should be devoted to packing and safety briefing. Then there is an estimate waiting for them 11 up to a 14-day cruise to Bouvet Island. You can watch this video on https://share.garmin.com/3y0j?fbclid=IwAR1sidCR_36Mhr3lfB_BgQih2WHczKn6cy9aTdFF9uZZOl5Dcwqrro4f-Dg

Operation 3Y0J

  • 3Y0J will always work split, so it will be useless to call on their broadcast frequency. Please remember to double check your settings, to make sure, that you don't call simplex.
  • Always include your full call sign. Listening is the key to this, to make sure, that 3Y0J is actually responding to you.
  • CW MAX 15 kHz split (operators have chosen QRG within a certain bandwidth)
  • SSB MAX 30 kHz split (operators have chosen QRG within a certain bandwidth)
  • The lowest spectrum 10 We will not broadcast kHz on the usual bands, to allow normal DX operation
  • The lowest 5 kHz on the WARC band we will not broadcast to enable regular DX operation
  • 3Y0J will consider the US bandplan
  • FT8 operation on 40-10m with focus on 20-10m with yagi antennas
  • Performance 3Y0J: 100W na FT8 a 1500W na CW/SSB
Elecraft K3S transceiver
Elecraft K3S transceiver

3Y0J equipment

The setup consists of 12 stations at peak times, where 8 Elecraft K3s radios will be used for SSB/CW modes and we will be using other than that 4 SunSDR2 DX if FT8 stations. Four transceivers for FT8 can be operated by one operator but also from any other position individually. Therefore they can go SSB/CW simultaneously with FT8 from each operator position in a simplified mode similar SO2R, or one operator can run several FT8 radios in parallel from his desk.

No FT8 bots will run unattended on Bouvet, all FT8 QSOs will be initiated by a human operator by clicking on decoded callers. 3Y0J has a strong emphasis on serviced operation, so to achieve the goal 200 000 QSOs will minimize downtime of all radios and start FT8 transceivers 24/7, that's why, to maximize the reach of the new one to as many radio amateurs as possible. S.P.E Expert amplifiers will be used. Spares and backup parts have a high priority in this project in all parts, e.g.. they will bring with them 3 x 160m antenna, 3x80m antennas and so on. and we will have 4 x 20-10m tribanders installed.

We will use the LZ1AQ RX loop as the RX antenna system, which has been tested and proven in the case of interference or noise in the band. This ground-independent omnidirectional loop will be placed approximately 250m from the camp and each of the 8xK3S radios will be able to share the signal and listen to this loop at the same time.

Bandplan 3Y0J

Reception on the TRX-DUO SDR transceiver in Thetis software
Nice TRX DUO SDR transceiver v software Thetis


160m, len CW 1500 W

1810-1820 without TX

1826,5 CW (Please, note lsn UP for NA/EU and lsn DOWN for JA/VK)

1820-1826,5-1835 CW


80m CW/SSB

3500-3510 WITHOUT TX

3510 a do 3540 CW

>3600 SSB


5351,5 to 5356 CW

5356 FT8

ECO 20 / 40m directional yagi antenna
ECO 20 / 40m directional yagi antenna


7000-7010 WITHOUT TX

7025-7040 CW

7064 FT8

>7120 SSB


10100-10105 WITHOUT TX

10105-10125 CW

10131 Crozet (FT5/W)

10144 3Y0J FT8

Xiegu X6100 HF/50MHz SDR transceiver
Xiegu X6100 HF/50MHz SDR transceiver


14000-14010 WITHOUT TX

14010-14040 CW

14105 FT8

14125 RTTY

>14225 SSB


18069-18074 NO TX

18074-18089 CW

18090 a 18107 FT8

18120 SSB

Assembly of KV tribander
Assembly of KV tribander


21000-21010 WITHOUT TX

21010-21040 CW

21105 FT8

21125 RTTY

>21225 SSB


24890-24895 NO TX

24895-24910 CW

24921 FT8

24925 SSB

Yagi 10m antenna
Yagi 10m antenna


28000-28010 WITHOUT TX

28010 to 28040 CW

28086 FT8

28400 SSB

3Y0J QSL tickets


Sponsor, who donate 50 USD or more before the start of the DXpedition, their QSL ticket as well as LoTW confirmation will be sent directly. If you are a DXpedition sponsor, you don't have to do anything. Timing of QSL cards and LoTW will be processed according to sponsor level.

M0OXO logo
M0OXO logo


1.) OQRS Direct QSL+LoTW: via paypal 15 USD

Unlimited QSOs sent anywhere in the world including LoTW.

2.) OQRS Bureau QSL: via paypal $3

An unlimited number of QSOs will be sent anywhere in the world. Do not apply through regular Bureau card services, because they will not be answered. Use only online services OQRS. The option of free bureau cards will be activated at the end, when all other QSL tickets have been sent.

3.) By regular mail

Send a QSL ticket with sufficient return postage via the regular mail system. The proposed minimum contribution is 5 USD for QSL tickets sent by post.

Please use the following address:

Charles R. Wilmott (M0OXO)
60 Church Hill
Royston, Barnsley,
South Yorkshire
United Kingdom

4.) Missing links in the log are reported via the form ”Not in Log” in the OQRS system.

Do not send emails or social media requests to checkpoints or the QSL manager, they will not be answered. Form ”Not In Log” is for your convenience and is the fastest way, how to get a solution to your request

Euro banknotes are accepted instead of USD. Direct QSL requests received without a return envelope or sufficient return postage will be answered through the Bureau. Bureau OQRS cards will be delayed and processed last.

Processing order of QSL tickets and LoTW

Sponsors >= 50 USD Direct QSL + LoTW – timing by sponsor level

OQRS Direct 15 USD – QSL tickets including LoTW confirmation

Direct mailed with sufficient return postage, proposed contribution 5 USD for unlimited QSOs (no contribution required)

OQRS Bureau $3

The complete 3Y0J log will be uploaded to LoTW until 12 months

Free OQRS Bureau Cards. A free version of the OQRS Bureau card will be available.


LoTW will be uploaded for sponsors, who devote more than 50 USD. Timing by sponsor level

LoTW will be uploaded for those, who order OQRS Direct after the end of the DX expedition

Mailed direct QSL tickets and OQRS Bureau tickets do not contain LoTW, only QSL ticket. A complete expedition log is planned to be uploaded to LoTW after all bureau tickets have been processed.


We apologize, but NO eQSL or QRZ confirmations will be processed.

Comparing QSOs for IOTA will be delayed


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