6 / 2 m expedition – June 2003

JO85/95/KO06/07: from May 24 to June 7 2003 is a planned LY2AAM activity, which will be at 50/144 / 432MHz tropo, MS, WSJT, EME, Es to serve DF2EA, IZ1POA, LONG, DL3BQA, DL5UH a DL5YYA. Already during the voyage on the ferry, they would like to work under their own brand /mm and later also as YL1A or LY2AAM. Indicated frequencies: 50.183MHz (all mode), 144.183MHz (HSCW), 144.283MHz (TROPE, DX station signals are usually stable), 144.383MHz (WSJT), 432.183MHz (all mode). All QSOs will be RANDOM, no skeds can be negotiated. Send QSL for any QSO to DH8BQA, preferably via the office or directly to: Olli Droese, Auguststrasse 12, D-16303 Schwedt, GERMANY. If you have questions, address them to Uwe DL3BQA by email at dl3bqa@necg.de. Website: http://www.necg.de/.

KM28/27: from May 23 to June 7, Wolfgang DL5MAE will be broadcasting from Greece. According to the latest reports from SV1BTR, it is located southeast of Athens (KM27). Its operation will be focused on MS, HSCW a Es. Most MS QSOs will be RANDOM on frequency 144,082 MHz. HSCW will cover approx 02.30 do 06.00 UTC, broadcast starts first with periods 2,5 min at a speed of approx 1500 LPM.

KO79: RK1B is planning an expedition to the southwestern part of square KO79 aimed at WSJT between 5. and June 9. IC-706 will be used + PA GI7B + 10 the. antenna. In the first period, RK1B starts broadcasting on the frequency 144,378 MHz. If there is interest, it is also possible to arrange a HSCW sked for June 6 (2000 LPM, RK1B starts TX on 144,123 MHz). QSL via OH5LID. Info/skeds to the address: ru1as@bk.ru.
JN60: a short-term expedition to the island of Ponza for 2m is planned from June 6 22 UTC until June 8 12 UTC. The exact calls will be known before departure, so far only these frequencies have been announced: 144.168MHz±2kHz HSCW random; 144.088MHz HSCW sked (only a limited amount of skeds for QRB over 1600km); 144.300MHz SSB random, 144.050MHz CW random. MS procedure with periods 2,5 min the Italians start, HSCW speed is approx 2000 LPM. They will use 200W to 11/13 el.Yagi. Info/skeds to the address: cspano@inwind.it.

KP51at: Janne OH45LID is planning a WSJT RANDOM activity from June 7th 12 UTC until June 10. QRG 144,388 MHZ, starts with OH5LID. On the seventh of June, he will also be in the area 144,300 MHz CW/SSB tropo, on the tenth of June, QRV will be during the UHF NAC Contest 17-18 UTC na 433,575 FM a 19-20 UTC na 432,220 MHz CW/SSB. Janne also welcomes aurora alerts via SMS to the number +358 500 748 960, because he won't have DX cluster. Info: oh5lid@saunalahti.fi.

OH8K: the activity of OH8K does not stop either. From 7. they plan to have two squares on the air by June 10! A to KP53dx: 144,353 MHz FSK, OH8K starts; 144.147 MHz HSCW with one minute period, pre sked 30min, OH8K starts. Not even a six-meter pass is empty: 50,178 MHz SSB/CW from June 7. The second square will be KP54da: 144,394 MHz FSK, OH6JW starts; 144,174MHz HSCW with one minute period, pre sked 30min, OH6JW starts; 50,178 MHz SSB/CW approximately from June 9, depending on conditions. Both stations offer ten possible skeds for stations with QRB between 2000 a 2200 km. Schedules can be arranged through Aulisa OH6JW: oh6jw@sral.fi.

IO66vo: DX expedition planned by GM/DH7FB focusing on 2m MS HSCW (2500 LPM) and FSK441 is to be held from 15. until June 20 (between 06-09 UTC a 19-22UTC). Will work on 144,148 MHz HSCW a 144,355 FSK441 s 300W do 2×9 el.F9FT. Only stations with QRB nad 1900 km, others only RANDOM. After June 21, Frank will go through several more areas of GM, but he will inform about it continuously. Skedy/info at the address: dh7fb@web.de.

VP9 Bermudy: Chris Patterson W3CMP is planning a very well equipped expedition to Bermuda (at 6m Ten-Tec Receipt + 1kW from the 3CX800 + long ant., by 2m FT-847 + 1500W + medium length antenna). He will focus on six meters, but in the case of improved CONDX, it does not exclude even QSO with stations from SE EU on 2m. It is not yet certain whether DIGI will also work. Chris can be reached at: W3cmp@aol.com.

IC-706MKIIG VP9 Bermudy: also N0JK will be among 13. and June 16 in Bermuda. He plans to attend the June VHF QSO Party. It will use IC-706MKIIG 100W + 5 el. M2 na 6m + 9 el. M2 na 2m. QRG 50,102 MHz with possible QSY; 144,200 MHz with possible QSY on 144,220 MHz.

IS0 Sardinia: Marco IK1YED will be working as IM0/IK1YED/p from Maddalen Island (ME-041) on KV + 6m SSB between 24. and May 31.

FOR Albania: a team of Albanian and Italian operators will be active under ZA3/own call center from the city of Durres (JN91RH) between May 29 and June 3. They will work on KV bands + 6m + 2m SSB/CW/RTTY/PSK 31. They will also try to work from the lighthouse at Cape Durres (ARLHS WHITE-002). QSL to domestic brands, direct or via bureau.

IN Nicaragua: Michael AB5EB, Mike AD5A and Jake KB5SKN plan activity from Corn Island (NA-013) from May 31 to June 2 with “well fed” vertical. They will also try to be on RTTY and 6m. Their call is not yet known, QSL via N6AWD (Fred K.Stenger, 6000 Hesketh Dr., Bakersfield CA, 93309, USA. Website: http://www.islandradio.org/.

XW Laos: Champ E21EIC returns to Laos, from where it will be active under the brand XW1IC from 160 per 10m (and WARC) with a power of 100W on CW/SSB/RTTY + 2m FM a 6m (if it will be possible) from 3. until June 23. Champ will also participate in the All Asian DX Contest in the SO allband LP category. QSL via E21EIC.

SX9G Chalk: z ostorova Gavdos (EU-187) DX expedition SV1GE is planned, SV1RP, SV2DGH. SV2FPU and SV2GWB in the period between 4. and June 15. QSL via SV2DGH. You can find more information on the website: http://www.qsl.net/sx9g.

KH0 Saipan: Ikuko JA5GSG will work from Saipan from 5. until June 11 under an unknown call at KV and 6m. QSL to home brand.

9G Ghana: Laurence KL1X will be QRV from Ghana from about June 15th for approx 10 days with 100W on 6m near Accra.

C3 Andorra: the trio of operators planned a trip to Andorra for the third weekend of June (18.-23.). Guy ON4AOI, Gert ON4GG and Johan ON4ANT have three targets in their sights: make first 6m EME QSO from C3 in JT44 mode, work FSK441 on 6m MS and participate in IARU region I. 6m Contest-u. In addition, they will also have 2m RIG for FSK441 operation. Website: www.eudxers.info/C3/index2.htm.

5T Mauritania: the last expedition announced so far is 5T6M, whose operator will be Frank DL8YHR. From June 28 to July 7, QRV will be on 6m (1kW + 6M7JHV) a 2m (750W + 2x17B2 Cushcraft with both azimuth and elevation control). QTH will be in square IK28, which should be UFB QTH. QSL via ON4ANT.

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