1) Slovak amateur radio portal organizes QRP races on VHF, which take place on Sunday the first weekend in August (7.8.2022) from 07.00 do 13.00 UTC in the zone 144 MHz.

2) Categories:
1. Single and multi op. Together - transmitter power to 10 W from a single output stage, any QTH

3) Modulation: CW, SSB a FM.

4) Code: RS(T), serial number of the connection from 001 the WW locator.

VHF QRP station in nature
VHF QRP station in nature

5) With each station it is possible to count one valid connection into the race, in which the complete tender code was sold and confirmed by both stations.

6) Use of amateur radio communication tools and networks and chat rooms, as well as the use of any other media to submit all or part of the competition code is strictly prohibited. To complete, two-way transmission of the competition code and confirmation must occur exclusively on the band and during the duration of the connection. (dB and dynamic range at a distance. new point from year 2022)

7) Scoring: per kilometer of bridging distance is calculated 1 that.

8) The competition diary is accepted in the electronic EDI format according to point 13 General conditions of VHF races and competitions. It must be sent by e-mail or regular mail to the evaluator's address no later than the tenth day after the race. Address: Viliam Petrík, Ivanovce 371, 913 05 or log(@) .

9) Race dimensions are not registered. In your own interest, however, it is advisable to publish the dimensions of the radio in the packet network and on the Internet.

10) Unless otherwise stated, The General Terms and Conditions of VET Races and Competitions valid from 1.7.2011.

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