Bob, VP8LP refers us

Please notice, that I don't answer people, who use only their suffix when calling. A good tip for you is to send your tag only once, then listen 4 to 5 seconds, to notice, can i hear you, or I reply to someone else before, before making the second call. I consider stations, which are just calling, they call and call repeatedly, without a break to listen, for QRM jammers. These will be ignored!

Please notice, that I do not upload log records electronically. The reason is that, that I'm getting upload requests to too many different QSL systems, e.g.. LOTW, its use is free and is available for any purpose, QRZ, Clublog etc. There are always a lot of email requests related to log uploads and my hobby is amateur radio and not email. So I decided, that I will not upload to any system, to avoid this growing problem.

Recently I have had a number of QSL tickets returned as undeliverable, which I consider a waste of tickets and effort. So, unfortunately, I have to say, that I will no longer answer tickets sent via the QSL service, therefore, please send tickets only by direct mail, through the UAE.

Sorry about that, that I had to come to such a decision.

Translated from the site

you 73! Fairy, OM3CAQ

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