Bulletin ČRK – March 2023

This monthly ČRK Bulletin begins with a speech by the president of the ČRK, Body OK1RI, about the economic situation of the organization. The following are notices for events, which are being prepared: AMPER fair 2023, Operators course, Summer radio amateur camp, YL meeting in Poland, HAMChallenge 2023 and amateur radio meetings in Košice, 31.Microwave and EME seminar and others. The DX info from the bands will also be interesting. The race calendar is a bit leaner (len VHF). HAMÍKůV KOUTEK this time looked at the landscape of the rising sun, Japan. An overview of amateur radio abbreviations is also included. Both young and old can read: a lot of little things, tips and inspiration for designers. Bulletin ČRK – March 2023 can be found at https://www.crk.cz/FILES/BULL02_03_2023C.PDF

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