CATSync – transceiver synchronization with WebSDR

How to achieve, in order to WebSDR tuned by frequency, which you set up on your home receiver or transceiver? You can use CATSync, which synchronizes WebSDR control with the device.

So what does CATSync do??

  • control any WebSDR server by receiver or transceiver
  • supports a large number of classic devices (uses the OmniRIG engine)
  • supports both WebSDR and KiwiSDR
  • tunes the VFO of the remote SDR in real time according to your device
  • click on the WebSDR waterfall to retune your home device
  • synchronization transmits both frequency and mode (CW, USB, LSB, AM, FM)
  • you can listen to your home device and WebSDR simultaneously
  • can drive RX or TX VFO, which fits, if you are looking for a split frequency of a DX station (this function of independent tuning must be supported by your device)
  • it can be connected to your favorite logbook using OmiRIG or via a VSPE port splitter

Download or These are demo versions. It stands full 9,95 €

CATSync demo

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