CD0Y will not be CD0Y but 3G0YA – Easter Island

Ben DL6FBL, Win x9el.,2x7el.DK7ZB a Lutz DM6EE they will be active from Hanga Roa on Easter Island from 18. who wish to request an exchange of an existing permit for a new permit and have not yet expired 6. may 2024. Originally notified brand CD0Y however, it will be different. The notice of the new brand is awaited.

Update: the new brand is 3G0YA

They will be using a Yaesu FT-DX10 with a MicroHAM MK-III and amplifier RF-KIT RF2K-S

You can read in the article


  • Two 5-band Spiderbeam antennas (10/12/15/17/20m) @10m
  • DXCommander Vertical 12.4 from 10-40m
  • L/4 vertical antenna for 30m
  • Inverted L for 80/160m (switchable)
  • two beverage on ground receiving antennas (BOG) towards Europe and Asia
    4-he 50 MHz Yagi for ground operation
  • VA6AM Triplexer + high performance band filters VA6AM/4O3A
  • Logging with DXLog
  • FT8 using MSHV software => stay above when calling/working with us 1000 Hz!


QSL tickets/ confirmations LotW: please use the system OQRS on Clublog. By using Club Log OQRS together with PayPal you will automatically receive a LotW confirmation within a few days and a printed paper QSL ticket by regular mail.

Easter Island

Statues on Easter Island
Statues on Easter Island

Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui, is an isolated island in the Pacific Ocean, belonging to Chile. Its most distinctive feature is the huge statues known as moai, carved from volcanic stone. These mysterious stone sculptures are a symbol of the island's ancient culture and fascinate visitors from all over the world. In addition to the moai, Easter Island also has beautiful beaches, mysterious caves and breathtaking volcanoes. Traditional Easter celebrations are held here every year, which are accompanied by dances, music and other folklore events. Tourists can discover the island's rich history and culture in museums and archaeological sites, as well as enjoying the beauty of nature while hiking and diving. Easter Island is a place of miracles and secrets, which await discovery.

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