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Enrico IK0BZY asked us to support the letter, which they would like to address Joe, K1JT. As VHF-certain they certainly know, he is the author of the exceptional WSJT software, currently in version 9. One of the used modulations suitable for meteor scatter operation is JTMS. This mode has not yet caught on like FSK441, however, according to tests so far, it allows better readability of very weak signals and short reflections (do 40ms).

Due to low interest, Joe decided not to develop this mod further. At the beginning of December, however, a group of MS VKV-ists would like to ask him by letter to continue his development. If you want to support them, write to Enrico IK0BZY at fa00416(zav) .

You can read more about WSJT at

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