OTC SARA Memorial 2021, SSB

On Sundays 9. may 2021 morning o 08,00 throw the spring phonics part of the OTC SARA Memorial will be held. It's just an hour-long race, let others know, to have more participation in the race!

Conditions Memorial OTC SARA

OLD-TIMERS CLUB SARA declares as a memory of those friends from our club, Timers Club SARA autumn section, "OTC SARA Memorial".


The race is held twice a year, spring part (SSB) every second Sunday in May and autumn part (CW) every second Sunday in September. Timers Club SARA autumn section. Each station is counted once during the race. The evaluator's decision is considered final in case of violation of both competition and permit conditions.

In addition to the stations, which will establish connections between themselves, radio listeners can also participate in the race (SWL), who will be evaluated separately for intercepted connections.

Time : 06,00 – 07,00 UTC

Frequencies : 3,700 – 3,770 MHz (SSB part), 3,520 – 3,560 MHz (CW part)

Performance : recommended power to 100 W


Code :

  • OTC members: report + OTC + membership number (599 OTC 008)
  • Non-members: report + serial number QSO ( 599 001)
  • The club station OM9OT gives: report + abbreviation OTC (599 OTC)

Scoring :

  • QSO s OM9OT – 5 points
  • QSO s member of the OTC – 3 body
  • QSO with non-member - 1 that
Yaesu FT-817
Yaesu FT-817

The result : Total points. In case of equal points, the connection time with the club station OM9OT is decisive, who will take part in the race regularly.

Diaries from races in the usual form (date, time, brand, transmitted code, code received, body za QSO, total QSO and total points, affidavit, date and signature of the contestant) must be sent to 20 days after the race to the evaluator's address:

William János, OM3CAQ, Engineering 4, 900 27 Bernolákovo, or by e-mail at: om3caq@omradio.sk (ASCII format).
You can also use the diary form in Excel, which you download .: You :.

Amateur radio, who will be placed in the first three places in the race, they will receive a diploma.

Configuration file for N1MM

Rudo OM4TQ prepared configuration UDC files for N1MM. Version for OTC members https://drive.google.com/file/d/15qKLjI07-hvs9KfboHd2z45mpj591Re7/view?usp=sharing

Non-OTC version https://drive.google.com/file/d/1paBia_p_QRtD6e5kVloUhVCVGvQWDnKU/view?usp=sharing

If the download link does not work, please take a look https://www.radioklub.sk

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