OM1AJ, Prince Juraj Radziwill – Anoshkin

In terms of the existence of the nobility, Slovakia has a special one in Europe, but a very advantageous position. Reality, that Slovakia was never an independent monarchy, enabled Prince Juraj Radziwill-Anoškin to create in. 1998 independent separate Princely Court, of which he became Head. Prince Juraj has the right to confirm, to grant or withdraw noble titles resp. to accept the descendants of nobles into a noble state. The principle applies, that nobleman, who was appointed to the princely state, (decree, armálesom, a pod.), he cannot name anyone himself. This right belongs only to the pope and the monarch, resp. his direct descendants. Prince Juraj fulfills this condition. The Radziwill-Anoškin family is the only princely family in Slovakia. "By founding the Prince's Court, we give the living descendants of the nobility today, if they deserve it and if they deserve it, the opportunity to continue their ancestral traditions, but at a new level. " You will read more .: You :., .: You :., .: You :., .: You :.

Juraj broadcasts from Bratislava – Of the Old Town, from the villa under Slavín. It uses a Ten-Tec Corsair 100W transceiver and a Windom antenna.

You can see a list of famous radio amateurs from all over the world .: You :.

YOU 73! Fairy, OM3CAQ

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