Amateur radio will promote the Ice Hockey World Championships

Telecommunications Office of the Slovak Republic (YOU MR), in connection with the upcoming World Cup (MS) in ice hockey, assigned eight Slovak radio amateurs special call signs promoting the MS. These radio amateurs took advantage of the TÚ SR offer and requested the allocation of call signs, with which they will broadcast on amateur radio bands during the WC. The Slovak Association of Radio Amateurs will issue an occasional diploma for radio amateurs from all over the world, who will establish a radio amateur connection with special stations and with stations from the host cities Bratislava and Košice. During important events in the world, radio amateurs have the opportunity to broadcast with special call signs, thereby helping to promote the event and the country, in which the event takes place. Radio amateur organizations usually issue occasional diplomas for association with these stations. In the opinion of TÚ SR, this is a good opportunity to promote the World Championships in Slovakia, of amateur radio broadcasting and, last but not least, the Slovak Republic. TÚ SR offered radio amateurs the opportunity to apply to TÚ SR for the allocation of a special call sign for the period of the WC. TÚ SR has assigned the following special call signs to amateur radio license holders on the basis of a request: OM1SZLH, OM2IIHF, OM2011IIHF, OM2011IHWC, OM2011GOOOLY, OM6IIHF, OM6SZLH a OM75IHWC.

Amateur radio stations are used for self-education, technical study and sports activities of radio amateurs. Establishment and operation of an amateur radio station is possible only on the basis of a valid permit, which is published by TÚ SR. Radio amateurs establish radio amateur radio connections with other radio amateurs in the world on frequencies intended for radio amateurs. They use call signs for identification, which is allocated by TÚ SR. Call signs for radio amateurs consist of the letters OM, which is the designation of the Slovak Republic, followed by a number or numbers and then letters.

Equipment operated under this license shall not be entitled to protection against interference by other equipment authorized to operate on the specified frequencies. 28. April 2011.

Roman Vavro, spokesperson of TÚ SR
tel.: 02/57 88 15 52

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