S9OK – Sao Tome 2021

Petr OK1BOA, Petr OK1FCJ, Stick OK1CRM, Pavel OK1GK , Ore OK2ZA, Ludek OK2ZC, Karel OK2ZI and David OK6DJ are planning an expedition S9OK to Sao Tome, Africa in the first half of October 2021. The operation should be SSB, CW, RTTY , FT8 with Elecraft K3 3x devices , Kenwood TS480HX 3x , SunSDR2DX and five JUMA PA1000 5x output stages. Antenna park should form on 6m 4the. YAGI, on 10-15-20 including WARC 3 x Spiderbeam, 17/12m 2el. YAGI, 2x 30m phased verticals, 2x40m phased verticals, 80m vertical + 10 radials, 160 vertical +10 radials. Receiving antennas 3x Beverage + RX is vertical.


QSL via OK6DJ, OQRS, LOTW. OK6DJ QRZ address: David Beran |, Dolni Kamenice 55, Holysov 34562, Czech Republic.

You can find out about the expedition via https://www.cdxp.cz/ or on FB https://www.facebook.com/groups/1472348776313779/ You can also help the expedition by sending a contribution via PayPal or by bank transfer.

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