SG Lab transvertor na 13 cm

Detail filtra v transvertore
Detail filtra v transvertore

For communication via satellite QO-100 an in-band transmitter is required 13 cm. One way to obtain such a signal is to use a transverter. LZ5HP manufactures several transverters at SG Laboratory Ltd. The 13cm transverter is based on the 70cm band.

Universal transverter for 13cm

The advantage of the transverter is, that the oscillator frequency can be set to 1870, 1886, 1888 a 1968 MHz. This allows use for both satellite and terrestrial communication. The whole transverter is in one box made of tinplate with dimensions 114x104x25mm. On the side are three SMA connectors (2300-2425 MHz RX/TX, resp. I was going TX, 2300-2410 MHz RX a IF 430-440 MHz). The 12V / 1A power jack is inserted through the hole in the panel. The classic jack connector serves as an input for PTT a sequences. The sequencer is an NPN transistor with an open collector 30V / 30mA with a delay of 30ms compared to PTT. It's on the back panel SMA input connector for 10 MHz reference signal.

Detail of an oscillator filter in a transverter
Detail of an oscillator filter in a transverter

They are here too two tri-color LEDs. The input LED lights up orange when the excitation signal is low, to green if it is optimal and to red we also wake up the transverter. The output LED indicates the PSV antenna. Who needs a more accurate measurement, so it can output voltages from the PSV detector to an external meter.

Inside are two adjusting trimmers. It is set first gain of receiving part on 0 to +10 dB. The second sets the optimal level of the driver.

There is also a jumper, adjusting the power supply method. The transverter can also be powered via a coaxial cable. The second option is the implementation of PTT by applying a voltage of 5-15V via a coaxial cable. The second jumper sets the time of the VOX detector. The last jumper allows you to disconnect the internal reference to apply a 10MHz reference signal to stabilize the frequency.

Properties of the 13cm transverter

TX part of the transverter at 13cm
TX part of the transverter at 13cm

LZ5HP declares nominal RF power 2W and noise figure 1,5 dB, resp. 1,9 dB. Unwanted products should be suppressed by more than -55 dBc. Wake-up is possible to the extent 0,2 up to 5W. The delivery also includes a small antenna on the printed circuit board, which is suitable for experimental testing.

Use of transverter for QO-100 satellite

I used the transverter for hundreds of satellite connections QO-100. I use Kenwood TM-455 as a driver. All functions of the transverter work perfectly. Even VOX, what is the circuit, to which I do not have much confidence works very well.


I also appreciate the compact design and the possibility of power supply via coaxial cable allowing the transverter to be placed directly under the antenna. The price of the transporter due to the quality of the design is also very favorable. More on

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