World Amateur Radio Day 2024

World Ham Radio Day is a unique opportunity to celebrate and recognize the contribution of the ham radio community to the world of communications and technology. This day is celebrated every year 18. April and is aimed at promoting interest in amateur radio activity, supporting young people in entering this fascinating hobby and highlighting the importance of radio amateurs for technological progress and service to people. World Amateur Radio Day has been declared by the International Union of Amateur Radio (IARU). This organization was founded in Paris 18.4.1925 and in the year 2024 it will be ninety-nine years from now.

QTH of the antenna PZ5RA
QTH of the antenna PZ5RA

For many, amateur radio is much more than just entertainment. It's a passion, which unites people regardless of their origin, culture or geographical location. Radio amateurs create networks and communities, in which knowledge is shared, experience and support. Their presence is also important in crisis and emergency situations, when they can provide critical communications infrastructure.

World Radio Amateur Day reminds us of the history of this fascinating hobby and its important role in technological development. From the pioneers, who experimented with wireless communication, up to modern radio amateurs, who use the latest technologies, this day is dedicated to everyone, who contributed to the development of amateur radio.

What does the word mean? “HAM”, often used in radio amateur circles? It's a simple shortcut, which is derived from the initials of the surnames of three American radio amateurs, who were members of the Harvard Radio Club: H (Hyman), A (Almy) a M (Murray). They used these initials a century ago to identify their stations in the air. Gradually, this abbreviation became common and in 1911, when Mr. Hyman lobbied the US Congress for better conditions for amateur broadcasting, with the majority of senators, who discussed this topic, she referred to the issue as “HAMs” – that is, for radio amateurs. With the passage of time, this designation took root on a global scale and is still used today to designate a radio amateur.

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