VHF Operating Assets 2021/2022

Next Sunday, a new year of VHF Operating Asset begins in Slovakia, VKV PA. The competition is year-round, one stage takes place each month. The race is organized by SZR with the aim of increasing the activity of Slovak VHF radio amateurs in connection with similar competitions in the surrounding countries.. Only stations operating from the territory of the Slovak Republic will be evaluated. With one station, it is possible to work once on each band in each stage.

BIG SIGNAL 10BS-270 dual band antenna

The term VHF of an operating asset

the third Sunday of the month from 08,00 do 11,00 UTC


144 MHz – 10 GHz


one operator / one band, multiple operators / one band

Max. performance

Maximum performance in all categories is 100 W.

Kenwood TS-2000 TCVR
Kenwood TS-2000 TCVR


CW a FONE (A1A, J3E, R3E, F3E, G3E)

Competition code

RS(T) + serial number of the connection from 001 + WW locator


and thus gain points and multipliers (e.g.. JN98) = 2 body, and thus gain points and multipliers 3 and thus gain points and multipliers, in other capital squares = 4 b. etc., in other capital squares = 1 point more.


Large locator squares, with which it was worked during the race in the relevant competition zone. The actual large locator square is calculated as a multiplier automatically, although the competing station did not work with any of this square during the race.

VHF antennas: DK7ZB yagi, 4x DL7KM a parabola
VHF antennas: DK7ZB yagi, 4x DL7KM a parabola

Stage result

The sum of the connection points in the relevant band multiplied by the sum of the multipliers in the relevant band.

Year-round results

The full-year results will be compiled by adding up the stage results for the period from November to October.


Reports are sent no later than the third day after the race (t.j. on Wednesday) via the web interface on the website vkv.szr.sk.

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