WSPR challenge

HF antenna
HF antenna

WSPR challenge je idea Remca PA3FYM a Roba PE1ITR, whose principle is to evaluate the ability to receive WSPR signals. This principle can be used to verify the properties of the antenna and the suitability of QTH for receiving weak signals.

The principle is very simple – according to reported unique tags captured for 24 hours, a table is created. At the moment, this is the only criterion and does not take into account, for example, SNR or distance.

Example for comparing two antennas

Connect the first antenna to receiver A and start WSPR decoding, connect a second antenna to receiver B and start WSPR decoding as well. In this case, however, we will use a different tag for WSPR, so that we can then compare the result. Po 24 hours or longer we will look at and we will find out, which receiver picked up multiple tags.

It's questionable, whether a given reception comparison is the best criterion for comparing antennas. For example, if the first antenna is NVIS and the second is DX, so it can be assumed, that the NVIS antenna will win. But it's really better? However, if we compare two antennas of a similar type, so this method has meaning.

It is also possible to compare two receivers, where the signal from one antenna is divided by a divider into two receivers and verified, who listens better.

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