ZL3XDJ – New Zealand

Connections with New Zealand are quite rare for us, but not impossible. I was wandering the lanes yesterday, shortwave propagation conditions were predicted to be poor. For 3,512 MHz I heard Brian, ZL3XDJ . I called him and the connection was made. Those 18 000 km from square RE54IJ pleased me. Brian uses an IC-775 DSP transceiver with power 200 W, to antenna inverted L. Its antennas for 80 m, 40 m, 30 so you won't have to list this 20 m can be seen in the picture.

Brian has 60 years, lives on the South Island of New Zealand, about a kilometer from the coast. He takes care of his sick wife Barbara there. He is quite active, it is enough if you follow the information on dxclusters.

YOU 73! Fairy, OM3CAQ

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