Mme Expedition Slovaquie KN18/KN19 2003

Un groupe d'OK/OM HAM se rendra dans l'Est de la Slovaquie (KN18 et KN19) pendant les Perséides.

Date: 7. – 10.8. KN19 | 10. – 13.8. KN18
This can slightly change depending on the local situation.

CALLs: 2m – OM3KDX, 6m – OM3BH (OM3BH/P)

Modes: FSK441 (JT6M on 6m), HSCW and of course SSB at the peak.
Members: OK1CDJ, OK2PTC, UIU, VZE, ZW, OM3BH, OM3CLS with support of OM0WR, OM3CSO and OM3KDX
PLATE-FORME: 2m – IC-746 + 500W + 2×10 les.
6m – TS-570DG + 6 les.


144.173 BLU + CW
144.377 FSK441
50.105 CW
50.145 BLU
50.235 JT6M

We will TX FIRST period.

We will try to be on DX-cluster and convers channel 14345 also but it should be a problem from that area.

QSL cards: every QSO will be confirmed via the bureau. Hope to work everyone who needs one of that LOCs.

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