Free Contest logging software : Free Contest logging software

The author of a very nice article about an interesting contest diary is Tibor OM5NU, for which we owe him our thanks, that he was willing to share information with us via we thank you!

On Web page a free contest diary for WIN is published. Installation is a bit more complicated than usual, but a detailed guide is published for it and it can be handled without complications. The diary supports all major KVs, but also VKV contests (also with the possibility of using transverters), which is an advantage, because you don't need to learn to control two programs (a comprehensive list of supported contests is in the documentation).

Okno N1MM Logger-u It goes without saying that CW keying is supported, RTTY (via MMTTY), TU5PCT QSL, PSK63, macros for all types of operation (also for SSB). It also allows the recording of part or the entire contest (approx. 1GB for 24 hours – 40-50MB per hour). It stores connections in database files of the MDB type.

Príklad konfigurácie okien od CT1AOZ

Príklad konfigurácie okien od N7OR

It can also be used as a main journal, but for the sake of brevity of individual data, it will probably only be one of the options (it is a contest journal) or for DX expeditions. It can handle full control of most transceivers, switching antennas – even several on one band, multiband… according to the configuration (he does not control the rotators yet, but there is promise in the near future). Also connection to packet and telnet. A bandmap for each VFO separately is also a good help , in which QSOs made in S mode are automatically recorded&P and also from the cluster. It also supports two TCVRs, two monitors export to Cabrillo format and export/import to/from ADIF. Plus a lot, many other features well known from other contest logos. Radio control, PTT, CW through COM ports, LPT or USB…

The most interesting thing is probably the possibility of changing the dimensions and positioning of individual windows at your discretion. It is also possible to have different layouts for classic contests and different ones for DIGI (various examples are in the manual).

Príklad konfigurácie okien od N1MM

The program has a perfectly prepared manual (312 sides) where there are detailed descriptions of all functions and links. That's about all in a nutshell. Other functions and a detailed description are in the already mentioned manual or on the Internet in a mail list.

I wish many nice connections with N1MM Loggerom.

73! Tibor OM5NU

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