Geminids knock on the door!

The Geminid meteor shower is one of the most active and regular swarms. Every year, many lay enthusiasts and radio amateurs are interested. We expect the maximum swarm at night from 13. on December 14 2008, but it definitely pays to be QRV earlier. A swarm consists of many small parts moving at speed 35 km/s. The best times for connections in NE axes – which will be indistinct on their own: 4 to 7 a 20 to 24 UTC, V – WITH: They are not, SZ – which will be indistinct on their own: 2 to 5 a 18 to 22 UTC, S – J: 18 to 23 a 2 to 7 UTC.

During the Geminids, there are many interesting expeditions in the zone and also the BCC MS contest takes place a JT6M Challenge

You can see what Geminids looked like last year in western Slovakia at of nice QSOs!

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