Cheap SDR tuning knob

Specifics SDR device is complete control of the device from the computer, which has two standard input devices - keyboard and mouse. The feeling when tuning with these devices cannot match the feeling when tuning with the VFO button on a normal device. However, it is possible to use special USB buttons designed for multimedia applications, e.g.. Griffin PowerMate. Their price is not completely negligible.

Tuning in Power SDR is also possible with a mouse wheel. The user can have several mice connected to the computer, which allows one to be used only for this purpose. By breaking down the cheap Genius NetScroll 120 mouse we find, that the wheel sensor is designed as a rotary encoder. Better than trying to mechanically connect this encoder to a large tuning knob, it is to use a rotary encoder with a button shaft and a panel mount.. The price of such encoders is approximately two euros. For about six euros, we will significantly increase the comfort of tuning SDR devices.

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