OM7AC Igor Hámorník
OM7AC Igor Hámorník

Another sad news came today from Zvolen – we will be missing a brand on the bands OM7AC. If it was an activity – ARES, VHF, meteor scatter, construction, converters, member of the Zvolen radio club OM3KWZ, Igor Hámorník was there… and it is no more… On 18. January 2022 succumbed to an unequal fight against the disease, which threatens us all in the long run.

A native of Sielnice near Zvolen, he has been involved in radio and electrical engineering since a young age.. He also studied at the Jozef Murgaš Secondary School in Banská Bystrica with many other future radio technicians and active radio amateurs.. He spent the most important part of his life in telecommunications at the post office, long-distance cables and TV and radio VHF transmitters.

He was one of the founding members of the OM3KWZ radio club. He was the designer of radio equipment and antennas and broadcast on HF and VHF . He also dealt with more complex types of VHF operations such as EME, traffic through meteorites, prostitute , FT8 etc.. He was an active member of the VHF SZR commission
We will miss the radio club very much.
Honor his memory.

UPDATED (OM7AG Tóno): The funeral will take place at the Zvolen Zlatý Potok cemetery on Saturday 22. January 2022 O 11:30 throw. They are acceptable 30 persons inside the ceremonial hall and an unlimited number outside in front of the building. The ceremony will be civil. We especially invite radio amateurs among whom he was well known.

TNX for info Števo, OM7KW a Miro OM7AMA

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