Understanding the OQRS system for obtaining a QSL ticket


Tim M0URX is a well-known QSL manager. It explains how the OQRS system works in the world of DX expeditions: DX expeditions need funds before the team leaves to pay for the freight of the equipment and the charter of the vessel, which will get them to the island. It is often necessary to pay these high costs at least in the form of an advance 12 months in advance. The best way, how they can get these funds, is to use the "Donation" page on their website. This will help not only the financial means of the teams, but if you are in log, your QSL and LoTW will be automatically sent to you.

Donation before DX expedition

VK8MC-VK8D QSL ticket
VK8MC-VK8D QSL ticket

After filling out the form on the donation page, the data from this form is automatically transferred to an Excel file. As soon as the DX expedition sends me the first update of the Excel log, I will upload the file to OQRS. This file is then filled in the appropriate fields of QSL addresses and your QSL will be added to the queue, while your LoTW QSL is automatically uploaded to LoTW. This is repeated each time the log is updated, which I get. All your QSOs are covered by the donation.

It is the IT team of the DX expedition, who must correctly prepare an Excel spreadsheet. I will provide the team with an Excel spreadsheet with all the necessary fields properly laid out. Top DX expeditions can attract 1 500 personal donations and this must be automated by the team. As you can imagine, doing it by hand would be impossible.

Express LoTW

LoTW logo
LoTW logo

Lately some DX mani have said, that they don't want a QSL, but they want to request an early LoTW confirmation. For this reason, Express LoTW replaces the QSL request. You are not forced to pay to upload LoTW and there is no additional fee for QSL.

Do not use Express LoTW, if you want to get a QSL card. You won't get it.

Express LoTW will record all QSOs in the log, so…. It will not record any connections, which you will do tomorrow.

OQRS Direct + LoTW

If you want QSL and LoTW, you should use this option.

OQRS Direct

Logy, which are not from DX expeditions (e.g.. from residents) they are usually uploaded to LoTW, when the logo updates come, either by me or the owner of the logo.

Busted/Missing Call Requests

VP5Y QSL ticket - front
VP5Y QSL ticket – front

Please, do not send any emails about incorrect or missing connections – use the button “NOT IN LOG” na OQRS. All inquiries are processed in the system.

Finally: always check the QSL rules of the DX expedition, whose QSL do you want to confirm. Usually 1 or 2 dollars will not be enough and they will not answer your letter.

Don't forget too, that the Bespoke OQRS project is self-financed, so improvements are not always possible, which you think about, that they are relevant and/or useful. About modernizations and especially about costs, that accompany them, much thought is given.

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