SSB League are OK / OM races

SSB League are OK / OM races – Milan, OM3TBG

I want to thank Karl OK1HCG for pointing out the EURO-TX program on this portal 5.2. ( ). I like the program and it's fun.

I would like to list some other places on the Internet for those who are interested, where there is an offer of useful and up-to-date information for BCLs.

These are KV databases. broadcasting on a global scale, in all languages ​​and intended not only for the EU. The information will help in monitoring remote computers. stations, e.g.. from Oceania, New Zealand and Australia, List of KV / VHF races - May, even if they don't broadcast for Eu, sometimes you can hear them surprisingly well here and thus bear witness to the current state of the propagation conditions on the given frequency band.
HFCC, Public data, Operational Schedule A05
SW BC site of Tomas Hood NW7US and his interesting biography

Here we get to the lists of all radio KV stations in the world, to occupy KV frequencies, broadcast times, language specification and destinations, for which the broadcasts are intended.

There are lists of worldwide network broadcasters ( okolo 600 transmitters ) and states, on the territory of which these are located ( about 180 ). Geographical coordinates of transmitter locations and data on the used power of the stations during the day and at night. Company data, which radio broadcasts use ( there are about them 185, including Radio Prague and Radio Slovakia) and programs, which can be used to identify specific. broadcasting on the selected frequency at the given time.
Radio transmitters, their technical data and an overview of their manufacturers in the world. Information on the use of specific transmitters, antennas and other technology in individual countries, supplemented with pictures and maps.

European Medium Wave Guide
Radio broadcasting on DV and NE in the area of ​​Europe, of the Middle East and North. Africa. Detailed overview of broadcasting data and broadcasting stations by frequency channel and country, timetables, used transmitters, performances, programs, specifics. It is possible to download the complete updated edition of the EMWG in PDF.

73 de Milan OM3TBG
14. May 2005

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