SSB Liga 2024

SSB Liga still retains many supporters. Every month radio amateurs meet in this 80m SSB race on the first Saturday of the month. Here are the conditions of the SSB League 2024:




first Saturday of the month, 07.00-09.00 local time in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Type of operation

only 2xSSB connection

Multiband KV vertical antenna
Multiband KV vertical antenna


3,620-3,650 kHz a 3,700-3,775 kHz


All HF station equipment used in the competition must be placed in a circle with a diameter 500 m (valid from year 2021).


QRP – max. power consumption 10W/5W

QRO – performance according to op class (recommended 100W)

SWL – listeners can count each station only once. On frequencies, On frequencies, the sent competition code and the opposing station's mark. So if both sent codes are recorded, they are two separate entries and count for two points. Therefore, it is possible to get the maximum 2 By listening to one complete connection, it is therefore possible to obtain the maximum 2 multiplier by listening to one complete contact. The number of occurrences of the same connection as the peer station is not limited.

SDR transceiver WOLF
SDR transceiver WOLF


Challenge SSB league

Code exchanged

RS and district code (example: 59 DPM)


1 point for a complete QSO, incomplete QSOs are not counted. QSOs with stations outside the OK/OM area are not counted.


District signs, including your own (own district applies as a multiplier even then, if the station does not get it from another competitor)

Tribander is the fan pole
HF dipole antenna the fan pole


For the QRP and QRO categories, it is mandatory to send a logbook in Cabrillo format. The log must be submitted via the race website no later than the Friday after the race. Only two-way complete and correct connections will be accepted. Connections with stations, who did not send a diary, they will be counted only then, if they appear at least 3 times in the journals.

The SWL category only sends logs with the specified result.

The result

Simple product of points and multipliers after evaluation. For SWL categories, the organizer may request a logbook for inspection, are only counted if. An overview of the whole year's activity will be compiled from the monthly results. Only the ten best monthly results are included in the annual results.

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