Technical parametry QRP transceiverů MIZUHO (english)

I offer everyone the technical parameters of QRP Transceivers from Mizuho.

Models of Mizuho QRP Transceivers Available ——————————————————

MX-3.5S: 80 Meter Band 25Kc. per XTAL

MX-7S : 40 Meter Band 25Kc. per XTAL

MX-14S : 20 Meter Band 50Kc. per XTAL

MX-18S : 17 Meter Band 50Kc. per XTAL

MX-21S : 15 Meter Band 50Kc. per XTAL

MX-28S : 10 Meter Band 50Kc. per XTAL

MX-6S : 6 Meter Band 50Kc. per XTAL

Please note that each radio will take a maximum of two crystals at

any one time.It is a simple task to change crystals as they just plug

in the transceiver underneath the cover. ( no other adjustment




Construction : Metal case throughout

Frequency ranges:


MX-3.5S : 3.500-4.000 Modes LSB/CW

MX-7S : 7.000-7.300 Modes LSB/CW

MX-14S : 14.000-14.350 ModesUSB/CW

MX-18S : 18.068-18.168 Modes USB/CW

MX-21S : 21.000-21.450 ModesUSB/CW

MX-28S : 28.000-28.600 Modes USB/CW

MX-6S : 50.000-52.000 Modes SSB/CW



4 ICs, 13Trs., 6FETs & 37 Diodes

Power supply voltages:


Internal 8.4-9VDC

6X AA drycells

7X Nicads.

When using drycells use supplied dummy battery.

External 9.5VDC

Do not put 12V directly into the rig unless using optional DC/DC

converter or charging internal nicads !!!

Power consumption:


RX 70mA ( at no signal)

TX 620mA (maximum)

Frequency stability:


+/- 500Hz At power-up

+/-100Hz at 25 you. C after 30 Min.

Antenna impedance : 50 Ohms

Dimensions : 2.6″ x 1.5″ x 5.6″

Weight (including Batt.) :

MX-3.5S 645g.

all others 590g.



Maximum power output : 2 Watts

(1 watt MX-6S 6 meters)

Spurious radiation: -40db

Modulation: Single sideband (suppressed carrier)

Carrier suppression: 40db minimum

Crystal filter sideband suppression: 40 db minimum

Harmonic Levels:


2nd -63dBc

3nd -59dBc

4th -76dBc

5th <-90dBc

6th -82dBc

7th -80dBc

8th <-90dBc

9th <-90dBc

Built in microphone, LED transmit indicator and mini CW key-button on

top panel



Receiver method: Single conversion superhet

Sensitivity: S/N 15db at 0.5uV input : Attenuator in 0.22uV

Selectivity: -6dB 2.39kHz : -60db 4.55kHz

Blocking: Measured as increase over 12dB SINAD level of interfering

signal with an unmodulated carrier, causing 6dB degradation in 12dB

SINAD on-channel signal:

Separation Rejection


+/- 10kHz 72.5dB

+/- 100khZ 76.0dB

+/- 1Mhz 91dB

+/- 10MHz 93.5dB

IF and Image Rejection: Increase in level of signals at the first

i.f. image frequency, and at the i.f. it self (11.2735), over level

of on-channel signal to give identical 12db SINAD signals:

Image <100dB

IF 73dB

3rd Order Intermodulation Rejection: increase over12dB SINAD level

of two interfering signals giving identical 12dB SINAD on-channel 3rd

order intermodulation Product, 10KHz signal spacing:

Attenuator Out 53.0dB

Attenuator In 60.5dB

Intermediate frequency: 11.2735 MHz

RX Includes: Crystal filter, AGC, noise blanker, built in S-meter / W-meter.

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