TX5XG - Austral Islands

Haru JA1XGI will be active as TX5XGz IOTA OC – 050. Yesterday he landed in Tahiti, from where he will continue to Raivavae. However, this is not a typical DX expedition, but a combination of vacation and broadcasting. Haru will be equipped with an Icom IC-7300 (100W) a IC-9700 (50W) pre satellite IO-117. The antenna equipment is modest, 6m long vertical antenna, 12-element yagi for IO-117 and HB9CV antenna on 6m.


A QSL ticket can be obtained after connecting in four ways:

  • via bureau also in electronic form
  • via LoTW (will upload during and/or after vacation for free!)
  • OQRS (len directly: 3 USD) via Clublog.
  • directly so SASE at address JA1XGI

Austral Islands

A typical picture of the Pacific islands
A typical picture of the Pacific islands

Austral Islands, also known as the Australian Islands, are a group of islands in the South Pacific and are part of French Polynesia. This exotic destination is made up of five main islands – Growth, Connect, Rimatara, Rapa's feet, and several smaller islands and atoms. The Austral Islands are known for their beautiful nature, which includes white sandy beaches, clear turquoise waters and lush tropical vegetation. The islands offer ideal conditions for snorkeling, diving and observing marine life. In addition to natural beauty, the Australian Islands are also rich in the culture and history of the local people, who are known for their hospitality and traditional crafts. Visitors can learn about local cultural customs, such as dancing, music and local specialties. With its exotic atmosphere and charm, the Austral Islands are a fascinating destination for those, who long for adventure and discovering unforgettable places.

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