UBA DX Contest 2021

Belgian amateur organization UBA invites all radio amateurs to participate in a contest organized under the auspices of the EU Communication Commission, information and culture. It also awards the EU trophy to the absolute winner in the SO category from EU countries in the CW and SSB parts.

1 – The goal

The aim of the competition is to establish maximum connections with radio amateurs in Belgium and other countries and thus facilitate the acquisition of WABP diplomas and other EU diplomas during the competition.

2 – Kudos to the UBA DX contest

SSB – 30.January – 31.January 2021 (beginning every year on the last Saturday in January).
CW – 27.February – 8.February 2021 (beginning every year on the last Saturday in February).
Each part lasts since Saturday 13:00 UTC until Sunday 13:00 UTC.

Wire antenna OM0AMR for short waves
Wire antenna OM0AMR for short waves

3 – Categories outside Belgian stations

• A10HP – SO-10M-HP • A10LP – SO-10M-LP
• A15HP – SO-15M-HP • A15LP – SO-15M-LP
• A20HP – SO-20M-HP • A20LP – SO-20M-LP
• A40HP – SO-40M-HP • A40LP – SO-40M-LP
• A80HP – SO-80M-HP • A80LP – SO-80M-LP
• D – MO-AB • E – SO-QRP-AB (the most 18 hours of operation)
• F – SWL AB (conditions see. that 12)


Station, which work on several bands but want to register only one band in the plant, they send the complete log, but in the introductory part of the CABRILLO diary they will state the category, in which they want to be evaluated. The program evaluates the requested single band automatically.

Stations working in category D (viac op.) They are limited “the ten-minute rule”, i.e.. that the transition from one band to another is possible only after ten minutes of operation. In other words, only after ten minutes of work on one band can you switch to another. Ten minutes are counted from the time of the first connection on the band. When using a second station searching for multipliers, it is possible to establish a connection on another band only to connect to a new multiplier.

Performance categories (HP – LP) are defined as, that HP means power greater than 100 W, LP performance to 100 W. QRP stations working SSB can use max 10 On frequencies, working CW max 5 On frequencies.

4 – Bands

Bands used: 80, 40, 20, 15 a 10 meters. It is required to comply with the permit conditions and to respect the IARU bandplan with guidance on IARU Contest frequencies.

SDR spectrum 40m during the contest
SDR 40m spectrum during the contest

5 – Contest invitation and code


This code is being exchanged:
ON stations: RS (T) + serial number of the connection from 001 + Abbreviation of a Belgian province. The province is part of the code and must be listed in the journal.
DX stanica: RS (T) + serial number of the connection from 001.

6 – Scoring

• QSO with a Belgian station 10 points,
• QSO with country stations, which are members of the EU 3 body,
• Any other connection 1 that.
• In addition, bonus points are calculated for this, what percentage of connections are with Belgian stations out of the total number of connections. Example: 50 connections with Belgian stations (i.e.. 500points) of total 320 connection gives 15,6% and these 15,6% With 500 gives extra points 78 bonus points. This calculation is done after checking the log.

Map of Europe
Map of Europe

7 – Multipliers (stations with QTH outside Belgium)

Once on each band.

All Belgian provinces: AN, BW, HT, LB, LG, Peter KA6U activated last year during the summer, LU, OV, VB a WV. Brussels region: During operation, it is necessary to use a low-noise preamplifier and maximum power.
All Belgian prefixes, e.g.. ON4, ON5, ON6, ON7, ON8, ON9, OR0, OT4 etc …
The following DXCC countries from the European Union: 5B, 9A, 9H, CT, CT3, Upon reaching, DL, SHE, Upon reaching, EA8, NO, DX station signals are usually stable, F, FG, FM, FR, FY, This is the best score of a station in a given area in a given category, I, IS, LX , Upon reaching, LZ, OE, OH, OH0, OJ0, OK, IF, OZ, PA, S5, I 2308U 2364D, SP, which will be indistinct on their own, SV5, SV9, which will be indistinct on their own / A, TK, YL a YO.

Note: A QSO with a Belgian station can provide you 2 multipliers (province and area code). Multipliers are calculated once for each band.

8 – Final score

Total number of QSO points (from all bands) times the total number of multiplier points (from all bands).

9 – Special conditions

The use of DX-Cluster devices is allowed. It is recommended to use the DX-Cluster system in a decent manner. This means pointing to DX stations, new multipliers and propagation in demanding bands. Searching for your favorite ON or other stations is not recommended, to create advantages for these stations. This kind of "friendly scoring" will only result in a bad reputation for yourself and the scoring station.

Remote stations must combine RX and TX devices in one station. Remote listening devices are not allowed beyond 500 meters from the transmitting location.

N1MM log pre contesty
N1MM log pre contesty

10 – Diaries

Number of logs: It will only be accepted 1 log to the station.
We will only accept CABRILLO logs. Rename your log file to MYCALL.CBR or MYCALL.LOG, where "MYCALL" is your call sign. (Example ON7SS.LOG).
Make sure, that you are sending the correct Cabrillo format. Cabrillo's guidelines can be found on the UBA website.


It should be sent as a normal email attachment. Send as uncompressed file. DO NOT send more than one attachment. Please include your contest call sign in the "subject" line of your email message. Before submitting, proofread your journal with a text editor, to avoid possible problems.
Next Tips for editing your journal can be found here.

Paper diaries: Paper logs are no longer accepted! The Cabrillo web application is available on the WA7BNM website.

The Cabrillo header must contain:
Your call sign.
your name, name and full address.
Category, which you participated in. Diaries, in which the category is not clear, are placed in the highest category, which is MULTIOPERATOR. (If necessary, edit your diary with a text editor. DO NOT USE MICROSOFT WORD).
For the Multi op station, a complete list of operators.
Incomplete logs will be used as a "checklog".

A selection of images will be published with the results (.jpg or .png) operators in action, so please send us your picture in a separate message for contestants!

Note: If you encounter problems with your journal, you can contact the contest administrator and we will try to help you.

Competition software, which supports the UBA Contest.
Free Contest logging software (freeware).
SD of EI5DI (freeware)

SO2R setup
SO2R setup

11 – Date and address

All logs must be submitted no later than 14 days after the competition.
14. February 2021 23:59 UTC pre SSB.
14. March 2021 23:59 UTC pre CW.
Late logs will not be considered in the competition and will be considered as a control log.

Email your contest logs as an attachment to this address:

ubassb [at] uba [dot] be for SSB and mention “UBASSB – YOURCALL“.
ubacw [at] uba [dot] be for CW and in the subject line state “UBACW – YOURCALL“.

Please submit your journal as an attachment, not in the body of the email. Also, don't compress your file. All logs must conform to the specifications listed above. Be careful, so that all your information is in your diary. Do not put additional information in the body of your mail.

You will receive an email regarding receipt of your journal. It may take sometimes more than 24 hours, we don't use a robot, so please be patient and don't resubmit your logs to 24 hours. You can send further information regarding the competition by e-mail to the administrator of the competition.

12 – SWL special rules

Only stations may be entered for scoring purposes, that will participate in the competition. Logs should be listed in columns: Time (UTC), call sign of the "overheard" station, complete replacement sent by this station, station call sign, with which RS works and manages (T) about station "overheard" on SWLs QTH station. If both sides of the competition contact are heard, they can be marked as separate stations and the call signs must be in the "Station Heard" column. A station can only be displayed once in one band, as the station heard. In the "Station worked" column, the same station may not be logged in more than 10 times in one band.
Please use the SWL_dqr_Log freeware program from SP7DQR. This program can be downloaded from http://sp7dqr.waw.pl/eng/index_en.html.

Headphones for radio stations
Headphones for radio stations

13 – Contest diplomas

The Belgian winners will receive a trophy, if the relevant number of connections occur.
The certificates can be downloaded from the UBA website.
European Union trophies travel to the European Union in the Single Operator class (A, C or E) according to, who will get the most points in both CW and SSB competition.

14 – Sanctions and disqualification

QSOs with incomplete or incorrect exchanges will be counted for zero points, but no further penalty shall apply.

QSO, which are not in the log of the other station, will count for zero points, but no further penalty shall apply.

For cheating, invented logging and clear, repeated and intentional violation of competition rules.
For continuous or repeated violation or complete negation of the IARU Band Plan.

The decisions of the competition committee are final.

Spring: https://www.uba.be/en/hf/contest-rules/uba-dx-contest-rules

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