Worked All Europe DX Contest (WAEDC) 2021

Frozen HF antennas
Frozen HF antennas

Worked All Europe DX Contest (WAEDC) organized by the German amateur radio organization DARC for the 60th time, it can be attended by radio amateurs from all over the world. SSB part takes place throughout the second weekend of September, this year it comes out on 11.September from 00.00 do 12.septembra 24.00 2021. Only DX connections are valid for European stations, t.j. with non-European stations.

It competes in bands 80 up to 10m (outside WARC and segments, which are not intended for contest operation - 3650 up to 3700kHz; 14100 up to 14125kHz and 14300 up to 14350kHz) in categories single-op low (power up to 100W, all bands), single-op high (power over 100W, all bands), multi-up (the 10-minute rule applies except to obtain a multiplier) a SWL.
Single-op can only work 36 hours, the remaining 12 hours can be divided into a maximum of three parts, which will be marked in the summary.
All stations can use DX cluster.
It is possible to work with each station only once on each band.

Special conditions for SWL: listeners record the connections of all stations, European and DX. Each station can be logged only once on each band, multipliers are both WAE and DXCC ground. The captured marks of both stations and the code sold by one station are counted as one point. Listeners can also record the most from each station 10 QTC.

Competition code: RS and connection number from 001. If the station does not give the code, the QSO number is marked in the log 000.

Rating: one point for each QSO with a non-European DXCC as well as for each QTC.

Multipliers: non - European DXCC countries and number districts W, AND, VK, ZL, ZS, AND, PY, UA9 a UA0. It's a bonus, that in the 80m band, each multiplier is counted 4x, in the band 40m 3x and in the bands 20m, 15m a 10m 2x.

The point gain is determined by the multiple of the connection points and the QTC points times the number of multipliers from all bands.

KV tribander
KV tribander

Diaries: within seven days of the end of the contest.

QTC: outside the connection as in other races, it is possible to obtain additional QTC points from the stations. QTC starts at UTC time, followed by the station brand and the connection number. For example: 1307/DA1AA / 431 means QTC, that the given station worked with DA1AA at 13.07UT and sent the serial number of the connection 431.

QTCs are given exclusively by non-European stations for connections with European stations. It is possible to get the most from one station 10 QTC regardless of band.

Each QTC sale begins with a code sale: e.g.. QTC 8/6 means, that the station we are connected to gives its eighth QTC group, in which it is 6 different QTCs. This is followed by a QTC handover. The received QTC is acknowledged 8/6 OK. It must be marked in the logbook, in which band the QTC was received.

The complete conditions of WAEDC can be found at

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