X Concurso EA-QRP CW 2004 ”10 años del Club EA-QRP

EA-QRP Club invita a todos los radioaficionados del = mundo a participar en nuestro concurso.

OBJETO: To promote the contacts using low power on QRP.

DATE: 3th Weekend of April (17-18th April).

CONTEST PERIODS: The contest will be divided into 4 parts.

1st PartFrom 17:00 para 20:00 UTC the 17th of April on 10, = 15 y 20 meter bands.
2nd PartFrom 20:00 para 23:00 UTC the 17th of = April on 80 meter bands.
3th PartFrom 07:00 para 10:00 UTC the 18th of April = on 40 meter bands.
4th PartFrom 10:00 para 13:00 UTC the 18th of April = on 10, 15 y 20 meter bands.

FREQUENCIES: All recognised QRP frequencies (or close to them) must = be used:

  • 10 metros (28.060 Diagrama de bloques / 28.040 para 28.060 Diagrama de bloques)
  • 15 metros (21.060 Diagrama de bloques / 21.040 para 21.060 Diagrama de bloques)
  • 20 metros (14.060 Diagrama de bloques / 14.040 para 14.060 Diagrama de bloques)
  • 40 metros (7.030 Diagrama de bloques / 7.015 para 7.035 Diagrama de bloques)
  • 80 metros (3.560 Diagrama de bloques / 3.540 para 3.570 Diagrama de bloques)

LLAMA: “Test = EAQRP de EA0XX”. The QRPp stations must indicate /QRPp after their call signs. = The rest of the stations will not include /QRP in their call sign.

INTERCAMBIO: RST + Spanish province from where = you are transmiting. Members of the EA-QRP Club will give their membership = number, instead of the Spanish province. Foreign stations will give RST + Serial = number.

MAXIMUM OUTPUT POWER ALLOWED: The maximum power must be below 5 = watts.

CATEGORIES: Only single-operator.

Sintonizador de antena OM3AI
Sintonizador de antena OM3AI
  • QRP – 5 watts maximum output power.
  • QRPp – 1 watt maximum output power.

QSO POINTS: Each = contact counts as 1 point (QRP). QRPp contacts will count as 2 points.

MULTIPLIERS: All spanish provinces, each country DXCC and a number of = different EA QRP Member per band (10, 15, 20, 40 y 80 metros, = separately). sobre los países DXCC que faltan, EA8 and EA9 will count as only one, ELLA.

TOTAL SCORE: Total sum of QSO points multiplied by sum of total = multipliers.

PENALTIES: Every duplicate contacts, for which points were claimed, = will be deleted and a penalty will be issued to the amount of three times the = claimed duplicate contacts.
A contestant can be disqualified if we can prove = that they are using more power than is allowed.


Clúster DX is allowed, but self-spotting is prohibited.
Contacts will not be valid if they are not in two or = more logs.

LOGS: All logs must enclosed the following details:

  • UTC
  • Call sign, indicating if they talk with a QRPp station.
  • Intercambio, 599 + Spanish Province (Spanish stations, no members), = 599 + Serial number (EA QRP members give their membership number), o 599 + Progresive number (Foreigners stations). (See Intercambio).
  • Banda

In the summary sheet you need to include a contest = claimed score and a description of the station used during the contest (RX, TX = or RTX, antenna/s, output power used, accesories,…). Contestants must send a declaration of their power output and declare they followed the contest rules.
All comentaries and stories during the competition will be = welcome to the EA QRP bulletin.
Instead of the paper list you can send an ASCII = file (The summary sheet must be in a separate file).

Deadline of log submission is 30 days after the contest (Based on = email timestamp or postal stamp) para:

Vocalia de concursos (Concurso CW)
Po Box 73
E-46182, La Canada
Isla de Bioko.

Via email to ea1bp@yahoo.es


  • Winner and Second position in category QRP (Trophies).
  • Winner in QRPp category (Trophy).
  • Winner in Foreign category (Trophy).
  • Subscrition for a year to the EA QRP Bulletin to the first Spanish = contestant (NO MEMBER) in QRP Category.

Note: To take = part in this competition means to follow these rules.

Any question email ea1bp@yahoo.es


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