HamRacer – how to SSB contest without microphone?

Can you imagine an SSB contest without a microphone? Yes, this is also possible thanks to software voice synthesizers such as HamRacer from OK1FIG. Many radio amateurs use a contest log with a basic macro, which allows you to broadcast a challenge. Some also use other macros, for example with exchanged code or to thank for the connection. These are phrases, which are fixed. But what about sending the received tag or code, which changes every time?

Voicing N1MM

Contest logo N1MM it has contained a function for many years, which is called voicing. First, the operator prepares a number of audio files with spelling, numbers or codes and the log can then send them as you type. It is quite difficult to record audio files just like that, so that the result after the connection, for example, in the brand sounds relatively natural.

HamRacer OK1FIG

However, HamRacer by Petr OK1FIG uses a different principle: software voice synthesizer from the operating system. See how to go CQ WW DX SSB without a microphone:

On the one hand, voice traffic loses its personality, on the other hand, it can be a significant help. Why personality? Experienced contestman recognizes many stations by voice. But if you have a voice problem or need to broadcast quietly, so it's a great solution.

HamRacer is not just SSB software, it can also handle CW. The first version is dated December 22 2017 and has undergone many improvements since then. For broadcasting from a computer, it is especially necessary to listen correctly and type on the keyboard. But there are several stations, who can do it. You will try it too?


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