N1MM s tcvr ALINCO DX 77

Pre radio Alinco DX 77 we made a simple interface and then a program N1MM knows this type of tcvr, we configured the radio for the program, e.g.. in with port 1 even with keying and control, they work from one port and everything works, foreign using a PC it is possible to control the TCVR and in the specified contest to key the radio in cw mode using the keyboard – F1, F2 atd.

Stereo is used in the radio 3.5 connector / in the scheme is mono if the signals are brought to the top , so it won't work / …therefore, the stereo connector and the RDdata and TD data signals need to be connected to the stereo connector , but between the ground and the tip. Instead of transistors for grubbing, we used an optocoupler and the power supply is from an external source..

Then it is necessary to config in the N1MM contest program. appropriate with port, baudrate je 9600 and from com port there is also the keying of TCVR from N1MM macros.

I recall, that in other programs, such as e.g.. MixW, HRD and others… we didn't try it, because if the type of radio they do not have a choice, so it is probably necessary to try e.g.. type TCVR ICOM and enter com port in the HRD program, which is known, speed and others enter autodetect……but we were interested in Alinco DX 77 merge in N1MM , as this program knows the type of radio and it succeeded.

with regards Milan – who did not send a diary / did not take part in the race

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