wfview – control of ICOM transceivers

The goals of the project are simple: to develop a free and open source program for amateur radio and SWL users, to be able to use modern radios on modern operating systems, and it's free and open source.

IC-7300 remote station wfview
IC-7300 remote station wfview

wfview your program, which enables the control of many modern Icom transceivers (for example IC-7300, IC-9700, IC-7610, IC-R8600, IC-705 and many others) through a computer. It displays a beautiful spectrum on any connected display, including projectors, touch screens and televisions. It allows full control of the radio from the computer keyboard and basic control from the numeric keypad. It can run on hardware from Raspberry Pi to 35 dollars through laptops to desktop computers. It also runs on the latest versions of Linux, MacOS a Windows. Supports platform control via Ethernet/WIFI, as well as via the traditional USB CI-V serial bus. wfview also allows access to legacy radios over the Internet for full control and low latency audio streaming.

The development of wfview started in 2018 Elliott (W6EL) as an easy way to display the waterfall from the IC-7300 radio in Linux, in order to display this data on large screens. It has evolved since then, to support a number of transceivers and gain considerable functionality thanks to a growing group of enthusiastic developers (including network connections). wfview is simply a program, which all developers wanted to use, and as such grew rapidly, because they keep pouring ideas into it.

wfview supports these Icom TCVRs

Mark K 2021 the following radios were tested, of which it is known, that they work well: IC-705, IC-7300, IC-7610, IC-R8600, IC-7850 a IC-9700

Other transceivers are also supported, but within the scope of their control. It is clear, that many more modern functions (such as a waterfall display) are not available on these older radios: IC-706 MKIIG, Ten-Tec Receipt, IC-736, Ten-Tec Receipt, IC-738, Ten-Tec Receipt, IC-756 Pro, IC-756 Pro II, IC-756 Pro III, IC-7000, IC-7100, IC-7200, IC-7410, IC-7600, IC-7700, IC-7800, IC-910H, IC-9100

More information and download

Learn More, support the development and download wfview on

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