Xiegu X6100 HF/50MHz SDR transceiver

The Xiegu X6100 is an ultra portable transceiver SDR (software defined radio) for KV and 6m. High performance and rich functionality is ensured by the down-converter and the sampling architecture. With its compact size and intelligent form factor, the X6100 brings you a whole new amateur radio experience..

Features of the Xiegu X6100 transceiver

The X6100 has an independent main unit and an RF part. The main unit provides control, advanced data processing, digital signal processing, multimedia interface functions. New features can be added continuously through firmware updates. The RF unit is based on an SDR structure with separate transmit and receive paths. Thanks 24-bit sampling rate and front-end with high dynamics is Xiegu X6100 high-performance transceiver, which allows you to work with the whole world, when you are on an adventure in nature, in a campsite or on a beach far away.

The X6100 has two USB interfaces. One USB with a converter for serial port and sound card and the other for mouse support, keyboards and storage devices. The microSD card slot allows you to back up and transfer memory channels and voice memo recordings. The XPA125B amplifier can be connected using a special cable (optional accessories), thereby achieving transmission power 100 W. Third party external SDR software applications, such as HDSDR, it can be connected via an I / Q output signal.

Xiegu X6100 parameters

Dimensions of Xiegu X6100 are 180 x 86 x 49 mm. It works in bands KV + 6m with a power of 10W (5W to internal battery 12V / 3,5 Ah). 4-inch display has a resolution 800 x 480 pixels. An automatic antenna tuner is built-in, CW also voice transmitters, bluetooth and WIFI for keyboard connection, mice or audio devices.

Xiegu X6100 Receiver Specifications

Xiegu X6100 display
Xiegu X6100 display

Frequency range of the receiver

Receipt sensitivity (10dBS/N)
(PRE = on, ATT = off, NB = off, NR = off, SSB/CW/AM = 10 dB S/N, FM = 12 dB SINAD)
SSB/CW: 0,20 uV
AM 0,55-1,79 MHz: 10 uV
AM 1,8-30 MHz: 2 uV
AM 50-54 MHz: 2 uV
ADC: 24 bits
Spectrum display bandwidth: 96 kHz
Spectrum refresh rate: 25 frames / sec
Spectrum background: -140 dBm
Audio output: 0,5 W (4 Ohm ≥10% THD)
2kHz BDR (critical frequency suppression): ≥110 dB
RMDR: ≥85 dB
IMD3: ≥95 dBMDS: -138 dBm

Xiegu X6100 Transmitter Specification

Xiegu X6100 from above
Xiegu X6100 from above

Transmitter frequency range

1,8 to 2,0 MHz
3,5 to 3,9 MHz
5,3515 to 5,3665 MHz
7,0 to 7,2 MHz
10,1 to 10,15 MHz
14,0 to 14,35 MHz
18,068 to 18,168 MHz
21,0 to 21,45 MHz
24,89 to 24,99 MHz
28,0 to 29,7 MHz
50 ~ až54 MHz

Output power, internal battery: 5W
Output power, external power supply: 10W
Suppression of unwanted products ≥ 60 dB
Side band suppression on SSB: ≥50 dB
SSB frequency range: 300-2700 Hz (-6 dB)
Modulating stroke FM; +/- 5kHz
Microphone impedance: O, 2 to 10 k (typical 600 ohms)
Antenna tuning impedance range: 12,5-200 Ohm
Antenna tuner start time: ≥ 10 s
Antenna tuner memory recall time ≥ 0,1 s

The price of the Xiegu X6100

The box contains the TCVR Xiegu X6100, microphone with backlit buttons, serial cable for connection to PC, 12V power cord, English manual and service card. The pre-sale price in Europe should be 695 € (november 2021)

Spring: https://pileupdx.com/product/xiegu-x6100-hf-50mhz-portable-sdr-transceiver/

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1 year ago

We will see the reality, the weight cannot be determined from the marketing information (I found 1.5kg and 2.2kg), essential for this type of equipment, readability of the display in the sun, real design “front endu” , thus, the type and number of conversions before “stereo sound card” which is here as a DAC, filtration (LPF, BPF, roofing filters or MF filters), whether the suppression was successful “mirrors” to which the solution with I / Q is tricky. According to the available info, it is basically KX3 (year of introduction 2012, weight 680g) with color display, better processor and connectivity but without 2m ;).

We will be happy for your comments, Please, comment!x