Winter QRP race on VHF 2023

You already have a plan for February 5 2023. How about charging the battery, warm up and get off the hill at Winter QRP race on VHF? Not easy, but that is the challenge!

Conditions for Winter QRP race 2023

These rules are valid from 1. January 2011 for the Winter QRP race at VHF. CAV – Czech-Moravian radio amateurs announce the Winter QRP competition on VKV

The winter QRP race at VKV takes place on Sunday, the first full weekend in February. The competition is open to contestants from all countries. It is an international competition.

Competitive bands

Frozen DL7KM antennas
Frozen DL7KM antenna on 70cm

– 432 MHz 09.00-11.00 UTC
– 144 MHz 11.00-13.00 UTC

Easter Race Competition Categories

CW and phones in accordance with license conditions. according to the recommendations of IARU Region I for various types of operation in radio amateur frequency bands.

Other conditions

– QTH any, there may be an electric current on the dimension.

– all station equipment must be placed on a surface with a maximum diameter 500 meters. The location of the station may not be changed during the competition.

– the use of a remote receiver or transmitter is not permitted.

– each station can only have one signal and one signal at a time(-Y) necessary(-It is) it is not taken to connect to a packet radio network(-ú) into consideration.

– the power of the final stage of the transmitter or the sum of the powers of the final stages must not be higher than 10 W.

– powering all equipment necessary for operation (TCVR, rotator, bug, PC…) only from chemical sources, it can be recharged during the competition from solar cells, Peltier cells or mechanical sources powered only by human power.

Square DK7ZB yagi antennas
Square DK7ZB yagi antenna

– the antennas can be erected no earlier than the Friday before the race.

– EME, cross-band and connection ground or space transmitters are not counted in the race.

– only one valid connection to each station can be counted on each band, in which the complete contest code was sent and confirmed by both stations. Repeated contacts must be marked in the diary (RPT, DUPE etc.) point value 0.

– use of the service DX cluster, chat, mobile phone etc. All station equipment must be located on an area with a maximum diameter.

The competition code consists of RS or RST, connection serial number and WW locator. The serial number of the connection in each band must start with a number 001. The complete code including the serial number of the connection from 001 stations are supposed to broadcast, which do not participate in the competition and do not want to be evaluated. Full code including serial number of the connection from – 000 – are not the correct sequence number and the evaluator will mark the connection as invalid. Station, which do not wish to be evaluated, Full code including serial number of the connection from.


Preparation for VHF races
Preparation for VHF races

One point is calculated for each kilometer of distance covered between two stations. The point value of the connection in the competition diary must be given as a whole number. One point is counted for a connection in the same WW-locator. The recommendation of IARU Region I is to use a coefficient 111,2 to convert degrees to kilometers, taking into account the curvature of the Earth. To determine the latitude and longitude of the competition location, the WGS-84 system is used to calculate the locator (World Geodetic System 1984). Connections with non-competing stations are valid, but they must broadcast the entire contest code, including the sequence number.


The evaluation is done for each zone separately as well as for the entire competition by simply adding up the points from both zones. Single and multi stations will be evaluated together. The first three stations in each band and in the overall order will receive a diploma.

The competition diary can be sent to the evaluator in electronic or paper form.

– The electronic logbook must be in EDI format (REG1TEST), which is intended as a standard format for evaluating competitions within IARU Region I. The diary in another format will not be accepted and the station will not be evaluated as part of the event.

– A legible photocopy of the station log with the connection points marked will suffice as a paper log.

– A legible scanned paper log with the connection points marked can also be sent by e-mail.

– The diary must be sent to the evaluator's address no later than the tenth day after the end of the event.

VHF antennas
Mast with VHF antennas on 144 MHz, 432 MHz etc. 1296 MHz

The connection is invalid, if the station has a station in the diary:

– any error in the received code, t. j. The race diary must be sent to the evaluator's address no later than the tenth day after the end of the race, report, connection serial number or locator.

– If the connection time difference from the correct UTC time is more than 10 minutes.

The station will not be evaluated in the competition:

– for non-compliance with the conditions of the competition or the permit conditions.

– For false or erroneous information in the competition diary.

– For unsportsmanlike conduct in competition.

Log submission:

– elektronicky and qrp [at]
– by post to the address Miroslav Bečev, Unstoppable 1831, 155 00 Prague 5

By sending the log, the station confirms, that he complies with the rules of the Winter QRP race at VKV.

Pleasant experiences Mirek OK1DOM

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