MDD in Šuňava successful!

OM3RKP received the honor of opening Children's Day in Šuňava, in which up to three hundred children of school and preschool age participated. After Gab OM0AAG, I explained in a few sentences, what we will show and we went for it!

Among the children, CB magazine Júnošík attracted interest. Bigger than DXs from 20m, or operation at 2m (TNX OM8BQ and OM3IS per connection). The surreal pile-up tore down, when we started writing QSL tickets for connections to LPD. Damage, that we didn't have more stations. What's up?, that the connections were only a few meters away, are valid, so why not?

In addition to the traditional demonstrations of firefighting and military police, the OM3RKP, and radio amateurs - certainly not lost in Šuňava.

Photos will be available on the OM3RKP website in a few days.

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