OM HAM of the Year 2008

Personally, I am very happy, that the petitioners made it easier for us to make decisions, who deserved the honor of OM HAM of the year 2008. Most of the proponents agreed on one radio amateur, who has been active in youth work for a long time (well-known courses for young radio amateurs) and the amateur radio emergency service ARES – Ing. Jar Kubíček, OM1II.

From suggestions:
OM1II – Jaro Kubice(I – for establishing ARES in Slovakia, as well as significant help in the preparation of young radio amateurs.

OM1II Year – a very practical and useful activity when organizing a rescue system !!!!

The next one proposed was Peťo OM3PA for his self-sacrificing help to young radio amateurs. Damage, that the prize is only one each year, surely both would deserve the award.

Congratulations to Jar and we wish you lots of energy, health and pleasure in further amateur radio activity and we are sending a material prize.

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