PMR 1/1

The PMR initiative in the mountains has the task of increasing the safety of tourists, especially those, who move in mountainous areas. They propose to allocate a specific frequency for PMR radio stations for emergency communication in case of need.

Tourists are advised to use PMR radio stations to keep in touch with their group or other visitors. This simple form of communication can be a lifeline in times of need, even in areas with limited mobile signal.

Get a reliable way to communicate in the mountains with PMR and make sure, that you are in contact with others in the case, that you need help or a quick response. This is how Rudo OM8ATS presents it:

Why was the PMR project created? 1/1

PMR 1/1 it didn't just happen by chance. We could call it a continuation of something, which has been here before and worked. Practically the same (emergency channel) was also sometimes used in the civil zone CB (27 MHz). Here in Košice, the police also monitored it. For a year 2001 PMR was added to the CB band, but the emergency channel has not taken over. Damage. In mid-September 2019 so we decided to reintroduce the emergency channel. After various considerations about its suitability, we chose "channel 1, subtone 1" or abbreviated designation PMR 1/1.

Being in the mountains and having the opportunity to communicate with family or other tourists can be not only nice but also beneficial. You can communicate with your family and have an overview of who turned where, whether he got lost or why he fell behind the group.

You can exchange information with other tourists such as: what is the terrain like, what they saw on the way, where they are going or where they have been (good tips for other hikes) or they know how to inform about an impending threat, e.g. storm cloud. You also know how to help people if you are near them - sometimes they just run out of water or have lost strength and need to replenish their energy with food.

A mobile phone will not provide you with these benefits, because you don't have contact with the people around you, you cannot use your mobile phone to inform about the impending threat of other tourists in your vicinity. Last but not least, it is much more pleasant and faster communication than constantly dialing a mobile number, and for free, without monthly fees and works even in places without mobile operator coverage.

You increase security just by doing so, that you have contact with people around you. Even by broadcasting information about an impending threat, you inform others - this is not possible with a mobile phone.

Why PMR446

PMR Pasmo 446 MHz is from 2001 available to the general public and completely free
– you don't need any permissions
– it is not a single-purpose device – you can use it anywhere
– radio stations are small and light
– financially undemanding ( from 40 eur / 2ks )
– available in almost every major electronics store
– the signal spreads very well in the mountain environment
– is available 16 free channels, of which we suggest the first one for emergency communication.

The team, that these are devices available in this way, there is nothing closer to the general public. Therefore, only one thing is enough - to use it.

Who is listening in the PMR mountains?

They are mainly tourists, who tune in to the channel 1 undertone 1, or they communicate on other channels. Their quantity determines the quality of the network. Their quantity also decides that, whether the project will also be supported by other important supporters - service providers. It has to be for someone.

Alpine huts are an important element in the mountain environment. In this project, we are trying to include these important points as well, because they are places, where tourists can find support even in time, when there are no more ordinary tourists in the mountains. It is e.g. during bad weather or late at night. Tourists can also find themselves in such conditions. They may be exhausted, lost, they overestimate their strength, an accident happens to them or they are suddenly surprised by bad weather. In that case, contacting the cottage can be very useful.


Some cottages have already decided to support this project, but it is not in their power to play the role of rescue services and not to provide a service at all 24 hours a day or guarantee something. Their capacities and workload in the season do not allow them to do so. Nevertheless, they care about the health and safety of tourists, they are willing to invest their time in it, energy and money.

Currently addressed chats:

Mountain hotel Popradské pleso - excellent communication and a promise to establish a monitoring station soon, informing tourists in the form of leaflets at the cottage. You can find updated information on the Facebook page and also here.

Chata pri Zeleny pleso - the promised monitoring device after the planned reconstruction. So far, information in the form of leaflets. Update information here and on FB.

Téry's cottage - current information with leaflets, the allocation of monitoring equipment is still up for debate.

PMR 1/1 it is also monitored in these cities by the public during their free time:
– Košice
– Prešov

How to set up a PMR radio station

How to set up a PMR radio station
How to set up a PMR radio station

Why channel 1 to subton 1

I'll take it from the end and first explain why the undertone. We get this question from people quite often and believe me, that we considered the use of subtone for a long time.

Subtone is a kind of filter in a radio station, who decides about it, when the voice of the opposing station is heard from the loudspeaker. The voice of the opposing station will be heard only then, if the communication participants have the subtone set the same. Because subtones are standard 121, you basically have it 121 options such as how to avoid unwanted interference from various electrical devices or also unwanted communication.
Ten, who sets the subtone to "0", has an undertone (filter) off and hears every communication on the selected channel.

Because we want to include various monitoring stations in the project, we don't want them to be disturbed by unwanted communication or random interference from electronic devices. Logically, we chose to use a subtone.

Why the undertone 1. We found out, that different radio manufacturers have different ordered subtone values, but the subtone unit is preserved and matched. Its value is 67Hz - e.g. manufacturer Sencor indicates a subtone on the display 1 how CTCSS with a value of 67Hz.

If we were to suggest a subtone, let's say 7, we would not be able to use such a label across the board, because 7 the subtone in one manufacturer might not match the 7 subtone from another manufacturer. Since there would not be a complete match of tones, the participants would simply not hear each other.

Channel 1 was already to the subtone 1 associated automatically, and we believe that the two units will be easy to remember.

Want to learn more or PMR 1/1 to support? Visit

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3 months ago

CH7 was intended as an emergency channel for PMR (I do not know, was it not even mentioned in the old VPs). His mighty <sarcasm>using</sarcasm> has become a popular channel for attempting long-distance connections.
CH1 is also the first and often the only one they tune into, better said, they don't tune out the jamors playing. It's basically another reason, why the remote summoner of PMRcars moved to CH7.
This is not going to go well.

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