3W6C – Island Con Co – Vietnam

From 10.4 – do 18.4. 2010 z vietnamského ostrova Con Co (AS 185) broadcasts a large international expedition 3W6C, of which Michal is also a member, OM2DX. Meeting of Bardejov radio amateurs http://www.qrz.com/db/3W6C or http://www.3w6c.qrv.ch/

Mišo sent us this: who needs Vietnam on 160m, so I have a unique opportunity to work with 3W6C. If the conditions are good, just send me an SMS and I'll tune in to 160m. On my side, 2kW and full size vertical. +84 904 885512

I just did them on 10,115 MHz (turn on the station and then release the buttons together 11 kHz) 20,18 UTC. I use TS-870S, gives 100W and antenna multi-band vertical loop 86m. They have an excellent signal !

you 73 ! Fairy, OM30CAQ

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