Lyridy 2023

Reflection from meteor trails (meteor scatter) is one of the most demanding types of DX operation on VHF bands – radio waves are reflected from ionized traces, which bounce off aurora borealis have a characteristic sound. The Lyrids provide a good opportunity to make such connections.

It is one of the most famous swarms of the year. During this swarm, the sky will lighten from approx 16. do 26. April of each year, with maximum activity usually occurring around 22. April. Through the Lyrid swarm, it will appear in the sky at approx 10 to 20 meteorov za hodinu. This swarm has been known for centuries and is among the oldest documented swarms. It got its name from the constellation Lyra, in which its radiant is usually located. The Lyrids are visually observable in the evening near the constellation Hercules, where their radiant is located, that is, a point in the sky, from which it seems, that meteors are coming out.

Lyrids are characterized by bright and slow meteor bolides, which may take several seconds. Their speed is moving around 49 km/s. You can simulate the prediction of visual observation at

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