Diploma of the Ice Hockey World Championship Czech Republic 2004


1. The diploma is issued upon acquisition 16 points.
2. Connection to the ground, participating in the World Cup, is evaluated 1 soil (This year, the Czech team is participating in the World Cup, Denmark, Finland, France, Japan, Canada, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Of Germany, Austria, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and the USA).
3. The occasional OL4WHC station will work on the occasion of the World Championships. The connection to this station is evaluated 6 body. However, connection with this station is not a condition for obtaining a diploma. (all connections with the OL4WHC station will be confirmed by a QSL ticket via bureau and via eQSL.cc).
4. Connections established from 1.3.2004 do 31.5.2004.
5. The connection can be established on any band and any type of traffic, however, connections with each country or with OL4WHC can only be counted once.
6. Diploma application – list of connections with the fee (for OK stations 100 CZK) – are sent to 30.6.2004 to the address:

Ludek Salac, OK1VSL
Apple alley 1065/20
410 02 Lovosice
Czech Republic
E-mail, WEB.

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