Elecraft KH1 transceiver

Very artfully registered by Elecraft, that a significant number of radio amateurs are engaged in broadcasting from intermediate stations. Whether it is SOTA, POTA or other activities, so after the success of other companies, he decided to fight in this field as well. And his novelty, KH1 transceiver, caused a stir.

KH1 transceiver

Elecraft KH1 transceiver
Elecraft KH1 transceiver

It is a portable transceiver for morzeovku, t.j. CW mode in bands 40 – 15 m (6-22 MHz SWL). The power of the transmitter is 5W. To, what Elecraft claims for the KH1 transceiver is the ability to match almost any antenna using the internal antenna tuner.

It is built in 2,5 Ah Li-on battery and charging circuits. Structurally, the KH1 transceiver is designed as a superhet with a crystal filter with controllable width. MDS is up to par -130 dBm. The receiver also has a switchable attenuator to -12 dB.

However, while small boxes are on the market 3,5 x 6,1 x 11,2 cm and weight 0,2 kg. When supplying 8-15V, the consumption is @ 50-70 mA RX (no signal) a 0.5-1.0 A TX. Built-in CW keyer supports speeds 8-50 WPM.

The Elecraft KH1 transceiver price starts at $549.95 USD. But if you would like to use all the facilities, that this transceiver offers, so prepare a higher budget. For more information, continue to https://elecraft.com/products/kh1-transceiver

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