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EUCW SKD is not a race in the true sense of the word. It is actually a friendly meeting of all fans of CW operation using manual so-called. “pump key” keys. The purpose is to make several connections with our hand key and greet soul mates on the band.

The EUCW SKD is organized annually during the Swedish Solstice Day, i.e. on Saturday between 20.-26. in June. Conditions:

date: Swedish Solstice Day, t.j. 21.6.2003
Time: 08:00 – 22:00 UTC
Frequency: 3540-3580, 7020-7040, 10105-10125, 14050-14070 kHz.
Mod: CW, manual wrench only !

Evaluation: Each participant is invited to evaluate the operation with a manual key at their opposing stations. Only one vote per station / QSO. The right to cast votes is as follows…

If we connect in EUCW SKD:

1-2 QSO: no voice
3-5 QSO: 1 voice
6-8 QSO: 2 voices
9-11 QSO: 3 voices
more than 12 QSO: 4 voices

Do not allocate more than 1 voice of one station, Those who receive more than three votes from the participants will be honored.

Diaries no later than 1.7.2003 na SM3BP, Olle Berglund, Hartsv. 10, S-820 22 sandarne. months for binding reasons, sm3bp@tiscali.se ( in text format)

Special competition OK1RP:

Attend EUCW SKD with your hand key, make some connections, send your vote to the best hand wrench operators…

If you publish a short story about the course of the EUCW SKD and your participation on the CQ.SK HAM portal, number of QSOs and equipment used, key etc. possibly your experience, impressions etc. you will be included in the competition in OK/OM.

Who gets the most votes for quality CW operation with a hand key, will receive a DPS and miniature KV TX diagram as a prize, 1In the ground George GM3OXX, known as OXO.

Assessment will be in line with SM3BP results, but only You will be included in the competition, who sent a contribution to the CQ.SK portal (can be addressed to Oliver, MW3SDO)

Orig. conditions: www.agcw.de/eucw/euskd2.html

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