FX-4C SDR transceiver

The FX-4C is new SDR transceiver developed by BG2FX. It covers all major HF bands and includes broadband reception options. Its small size and built-in speaker and microphone allow for portable operation. The simple built-in USB sound card interface allows easy operation in digital modes.

The FX-4C broadcasts in the HF ranges of amateur radio bands 3.5 – 29 MHz and reception is possible in the range 465 kHz – 50 MHz USB, LSB, CW, AM, FM. The great strength of this device is the dimensions, len 107 mm length, 65 mm width a 43 mm height at weight 0,46 kg. RF output power is adjustable 0,1 to 10 watts. The transceiver has a 2.0 ″ TFT display with the ability to display the spectrum in range 20 kHz.

FX-4C transceiver in FT-8 operation
FX-4C transceiver in FT-8 operation

Receipt on receipt is around 220 mA, when transmitting at full power 2A. more than 1W to -43 dB, carrier frequency suppression -50 dB. The sensitivity of the receiver is indicated -120 dBm. The price is 549 USD. More on https://bg2fx.com/


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1 a month ago

Reduced M0NKA at a higher price than its Chinese clones, with questionable FW support. I am 2″ Sun-readable TFT display? About the receiver in the parameters only sensitivity, consumption and audio performance, BPF is tactfully silent about the rest? Dynamic range? Suppression of mirror signals? Signal processing method?

Answer to om1aeg
1 a month ago

According to the video, the readability of the display in outdoor conditions will be a problem.

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