IOTA Contest 2023

At the end of the month, 29.July from 12:00 UTC to 30 July 12:00 UTC takes place IOTA Contest 2023. IOTA stations and all other stations of the world compete. RSGB already on March 4 2022 announced, that it will not accept logos from stations from Russia and Belarus, and also connections with stations from these countries will not be scored and will not be counted as multipliers.

Competitive bands

It competes in the 80m bands, 40m, 20m, 15m and 10m, where stations must comply with IARU recommendations for contest operation (may not be broadcast in segments 3500-3510, 3560 – 3600, 3650 – 3700, 14060 – 14125 a 14300 – 14350kHz).

Code exchanged

The exchanged code differs according to the competition category. Stations outside the island give RS(T) + serial number of the connection from 001, IOTA stanice RS(T) + serial number of the connection from 001 + IOTA reference number. Non-competitive stations can be logged with the number 0.

IOTA Contest scoring

Contest station
Contest station

(a) Connection of island stations:
World stations: 5 points
Island stations with the same IOTA reference number: 5 points.
Other island stations: 15 points

(b) contacting world stations:
World stations: 2 body
Island stations: 15 points

(c) Multiplier. The multiplier is the sum of the different IOTA references achieved on each band on CW plus the sum of the different IOTA references achieved on each band on SSB.

(d) The total score is the sum of the points for QSOs on all bands combined, multiplied by the sum of the multipliers on all bands together.

IOTA Contest Diaries

(a) They will be sent in Cabrillo format via do 5 days from the end of the IOTA Contest.

(b) If the robot finds errors in the format, it will reject the log and ask to resend the corrected log file.

(c) Second and subsequent sent log files may be subject to analysis of all changes made.

(d) If you have problems preparing or uploading the Cabrillo log file, contact the contest judge for help, and that before the deadline for the receipt of diaries.

(e) Final results will be online and will include online logs for all participants

(f) Penalties will be imposed for mistakes, as stated in Principles of the RSGB for KV evaluation of contests. This penalty will be the loss of others 5 QSO points.

(g) It is strongly recommended to use CAT control to record the correct frequency and mode – you will lose QSO points for frequency and mode errors.

Full text of the IOTA Contest Terms and Conditions 2023

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