New amateur radio band 5 MHz ??? But where is that…

At the end of the year 2015 a decision was taken at the IARU conference to grant a new zone 5 MHz for amateur radio service – from 1.1.2017 I looked at this decision, knows our national conditions, quite skeptically and as you can see, Unfortunately, I was right.

We have a year 2017 and nowhere even a mention, that something should change. And what about the famous “representative of amateur radio” Czech Radio Club? Thread. How else, he is silent and says he knows nothing. He just canceled the publication of the paper magazine and replaced it with a PDF file. Good, not to forget – of course, it became more expensive again…

What I wrote last year?

We have a new band – 5 MHz (60m)
So we finally got a new amateur radio band on a primary basis, a to 5 MHz. So far it is about 15 kHz at the beginning of the segment, i.e.. 5351.5 – 5366.5 kHz, but at least something, HI! EIRP 15W is allowed in our region. The new band has been approved, despite protests from several countries, na konferenci IARU 2015 in Geneva and is the first change in amateur radio bands since 1979, when WARCs were enabled. But now we still have to wait for the official permission of our national office. How long will it take? We will see this in practice soon, but it is expected 1 year.

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7 months ago

Ahem, what does that mean? Why does the article only consist of repetition “Z22O Z21A Zimbabwe”?

Answer to Wolf
7 months ago

Pls send a screenshot, I see an article about four paragraphs

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