PJ4G Bonaire

The PJ4G brand is relatively well known to KV contestants. It is a very well-equipped house with several antenna masts. K2NG will work as PJ4G in the October CQWW DX SSB Contest, K1QX, W1MD, PJ4DX and PJ4KY in the CW part in November as PJ4A and K4BAI, KU8E, K4AB a N8VW. In both cases QSL via K4BAI

PJ4G antennas are the main currency apart from the location

160-meter antennas

160M – two antennas 160 they are powered by a single power line with an external switch, which is controlled together with the 80M sloper field.
160 Inverted V on a 160-foot mast
160 Inverted L on a 90-foot mast

80-meter antennas

80M – 80M sloper system on a 90-foot mast

40-meter antennas

2el JK402T on a 90-foot mast
40M GP with raised radials


Momo Tri-15 on a 60-foot mast
Momo Tri-7 mounted about 8′ above the 402T on a 90-foot mast
F12 C19 fixed NW at about 40′ on a 90-foot mast
F12 C3E mounted SSV on a 60-foot mast at a height of approx 30 feet

Pásma WARC

F12 WARC7 tribander at Hight 30 footprint on own mast

6m pásmo

6M – 6the LFA at′ boom about 8′ above the Tri-15 on a 60-foot mast

Spring: https://pj4g.com

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