Invitation to the IARU Region 1 VHF Contest

IARU Region I. VHF Contest – takes place on September 2-3 2006 from 14.00 do 14.00 OUT. They compete in categories 1. 144 MHz – Single Op a 2. 144 MHz – Multi Op. V ďalšom platia Všeobecné podmienky pretekov a súťaží na VKV.

List of submitted dimensions for VHF Records Day:

Brand Kota Locator
OM0AAJ Jano Large meadow JN99JC
OM3CFR Pecková JN88RS
OM3W Veľká Javorina JN88UU
OM8MF Chopok JN98TW
OM0AAJ Jano Bradlo JN88SQ
OM0C Šianec JN88VJ
OM3KBB Men's work JN98NT
OM5M Poľana JN88SS

List of other stations, which announce their participation can be found at

The competition diary is sent exclusively in electronic form in EDI format. It must be sent no later than the tenth day after the race via the web interface on the website In exceptional cases, it is possible to send the diary by e-mail to or on a floppy disk to the address: Ing. Pavol Zajac, OM5CM, Meadows 1111/12, 95201 Sparrows.

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