Response to the survey – allocation of call signs in Slovakia

Tone, OM3LU sent us his contribution, which is a response to the just-ahead survey on our portal. We'll be glad, if you all respond with your views on this poll in the comments behind Ton's contribution. We thank you.

Because the Telecommunications Office of the Slovak Republic has been mentioned negatively several times on the portal, issuing permits and assigning OM call signs to radio amateurs, I decided to react as a radio amateur, who knows what this is about.

– Call sign allocation –

To year 1989 the licensing office for OM stations had only the prefix OK3 available and this prefix included all stations except unattended. At the beginning of the year 1993 a discussion took place at TÚ SR and then the Research Institute of Communications prepared a regulation for the allocation of amateur radio call signs. For a year 1993 all prefixes OM1-OM0 are issued, are regionally divided and one is used, two- and three-letter suffixes for different groups of dealers. One-letter suffixes are intended for contest stations, two-letter for class A and B radio amateurs, three-letter for class C, D and for other stations. So for clubs, FM converters, PR nodes, BBS, lighthouses, etc.. The only limitation, which TÚ SR gave is, that three-letter suffixes will be issued in whole blocks, that is, first the AAA-AZZ block and after its complete exhaustion, another block, etc.. Blocks are designated for classes C and D. AAA-JZZ, which is about 6700 tags per prefix. These facts were published in Rádiožurnál 1993. Compared to other European countries, our system is logical and suits our amateur radio.

– Issuing permits –

To my knowledge and according to the responses, the TÚ SR permit is here on the portal, very fast and accurate. Pani Ing. Kováčová also takes into account applications for selected brands. In the end, many OM radio amateurs showed her satisfaction with the issuance of permits at meetings in the High Tatras.. And it's not just about permits, but for the whole approach to the permitting agenda. We really can't complain here, but we must praise TÚ SR and Mrs. Ing. Kováčová thank you.

The whole problem of Mr. Vila Petrík Jr.. started when applying for a permit, when you applied for the OM0WAO brand, because his father has an OM3WAO permit (we went to school together, although not in the same year). To explain, that the labeling regulation does not allow this, Mr. Petrík responded by contributing to the portal and writing a survey. Today it already has OM0AAO permission and can broadcast.

To, that Mr. Petrík received permission a few days later caused the unplanned absence of Mr.. Ing. Kováčová at work, because her mother died. That's just an explanation. Otherwise, I am supplemented by your reactions in the comments.

Mr. Petrík's survey question “that they should answer this question, that they should answer this question?” she is unhappy and looks for mistakes in an unusual way. that the length of the Inverted Vee element is shorter, until you feel like it, answer the survey question as if there was no word “that they should answer this question”, for in this case it is only fiction and is intended to support the offended ego. Sri.

Tono Frost, OM0AAJ Jano

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